Cancer Fight

Cancer Fight Paul Evans

In the depths of darkness, a battle unveiled,
Where strength is tested and courage availed.
Fighting cancer, a formidable foe,
A journey embarked, to conquer and grow.

With hearts ignited, resilience ablaze,
Together we stand, in the toughest of days.
Through tears and trials, we forge ahead,
Defying the odds, with hope our thread.

Radiant warriors, with minds unbound,
Claiming victory, inch by inch, pound by pound.
Whispers of determination fill the air,
As we unite, a force that cancer cannot impair.

With every step forward, we rise anew,
Embracing the challenge, with spirits true.
Harnessing the power of love’s embrace,
Weaving a tapestry of strength and grace.

The doctors, the nurses, the healers, and more,
Working tirelessly to ease the sore.
With precision and care, they fight the fight,
Guiding us towards a future so bright.

Friends and family, pillars of support,
A lifeline of courage, never falling short.
Their unwavering love, an unyielding force,
Energizing our souls, helping us stay the course.

Amidst the battle, moments of solace we find,
The beauty of life, forever intertwined.
Nature’s gentle whispers, a soothing balm,
Renewing our spirits, bringing healing calm.

And as the days pass, and the battle rages on,
We find the strength to rise, and the will to be strong.
With faith as our armor, we face each new dawn,
Fighting cancer with every heartbeat, until it is gone.

For in this journey, we stand undefeated,
Our resilience tested and truly completed.
Together we rise, our spirits unbroken,
Fighting cancer and emerging as golden.

So let this be a testament, a story to tell,
Of warriors united, conquering the swell.
For in the face of hardship, we learn to grow,
The triumph over cancer, our victory bestowed.

Paul Evans is a cancer survivor living in Blaine, WA. He was diagnosed with MDS-MPN with myelofibrosis. After receiving intense chemotherapy and a bone marrow transplant at the beginning of 2023, he is now clear of the disease.

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