Cancer Inspirational Quotes

Survivors Speak Out by Sharing Knowledge, Hope, and Inspiration for Coping®‘s 35 Year Anniversary

Coping® with Cancer magazine is proud to be celebrating its 35th year of providing knowledge, hope, and inspiration to people whose lives have been touched by cancer. To commemorate, cancer survivors share what they’ve learned, what gives them hope, and what inspires them.

Everyone has a unique story to share. Do you want to share your survivor story? We consider a cancer survivor to be anyone living with a history of cancer – from diagnosis through the remainder of life. Here are our submission guidelines.

If you bury your head in the sand, you won’t see the real threats coming, and that is what leaves you the most vulnerable. To overcome trouble, you must acknowledge it, understand it, and address it at the earliest possible stage.

– Jonathan Passley, founder of PDR Web Solutions
Gastrointestinal stromal tumor (GIST) survivor

Traveling, no matter how far or near, helps me focus.
I call it my therapy.

– Bisa Myles, writer and photographer
Breast cancer survivor

Laughter and positivity spilled into every aspect of my journey, and I held onto my sense of humor as cancer challenged my sense of self and my sense of identity. It was certainly the hardest time of my life, but in the end, a hefty prescription of tumor humor is exactly what the doctor ordered.

– Kimberly Tronic, author of Dear Diary, Does This Cancer Make My Ass Look Fat? Ovarian cancer survivor

Through it all, I’m still me, and I didn’t allow cancer to take away who I am or what I stand for. I’m a survivor, and I can go on and still look and feel beautiful and shine brighter.

– Karen Rice, breast and colon cancer survivor

There are moments in all our lives that can be painful and humiliating, but as a cancer survivor, I've come to realize those moments are the ones we look back on, appreciate most, and sometimes even laugh about.

– Amelia Frahm, author of
Tickles Tabitha's Cancertankerous Mommy
Breast cancer survivor

Anytime the word cancer comes up, it’s hard not to conjure worst-case scenarios. I think the more we can tell stories about these good outcomes, the more people realize there's hope.

– Matt Iseman, TV host and comedian
Kidney cancer survivor

Photo by The Riker Brothers

I SEE everything differently! The biggest difference is that I feel like I can do anything I set my mind to. If I can beat cancer, everything else is a piece of pie!

Christina Parrish, founder/chair of Purple Iris Foundation
Pancreatic cancer survivor

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