You Got This!

You Got This! Anna Davenport

A Message for My Fellow Cancer Survivors

by Anna Davenport

Cancer is not the word that describes our soul, our purpose, or our future. It’s not who we are. Give thanks for the journey, and never let the negative overwhelm you. Keep putting one foot in front of the other. The road is not easy, but keep the faith that this fight will pay off. Hold on to what gives you strength. 

When I was facing cancer, my foundation of courage was my Father in Heaven, my two beautiful daughters, and my friends and family. I found comfort in holding on to hope, always believing that something great was happening. Healing was happening! 

Negative energy has no place in the healing world.

Through setback after setback, my faith continued to grow – even when fear was unremittingly trying to control me. My body suffered through the chemotherapy, exhaustion, queasiness, head and body aches, depression, uncontrollable bowel movements, radiation tattoos, and extreme PTSD. But my heart and spirit grew strong. I pressed closer toward inner peace and purpose, even while enduring the pain of internal beam radiation. I held on to the words, “Keep your fearless faith.” 

Anna Davenport (center) with her daughters

I believe sometimes we must travel dark roads so we can teach others about the beauty in the journey. Hold on to the spark at the end of the tunnel, let it grow vibrantly bright and lead you to your next path. Wonderful things are happening; believe that you are healing. Negative energy has no place in the healing world. 

My name is Anna Davenport. I was a young, 42-year-old old mother of two teen daughters and recently free from a toxic marriage when I was diagnosed with a rare, fast-growing cancer on my cervix. With a “mind over matter” mentality, I beat the odds. I beat cancer. And I believe you can too. My message to you is simple: Statistics don’t matter; keep moving forward in faith; never give up. You got this. 

Anna Davenport is a cervical cancer survivor living in Goldendale, WA.

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