Here For You

Here For You Dr. Tricia Kannberg

by Tricia Kannberg, EdD

I am here for you.

What can I possibly say to one of my dearest friends to help her maintain hope while confronting
a battle I cannot fathom? I’m afraid I’ll choose the wrong words, say too much or not enough.

But I also know that silence is not an option, as my heart is too heavy and
I unrealistically and desperately want to take away the pain, frustration, anger, and sadness.

I hope this is enough…

I will walk alongside you, always at the ready to listen. I cannot fix anything with words, so I will
not try; that will only add to the burden you carry.

I will sit with you, cry with you, and listen if you need to scream, “Why me? Why us? Why now?”

And, I will just sit in silence if that is what you need.

I will leave when you need your space and not take offense, and I will return every time you ask.

I am here for you today, tomorrow, always.

Dr. Tricia Kannberg serves as an elementary school principal in the state of Washington. When confronted with the news that the husband of one of her closest friends was diagnosed with terminal cancer, other challenges became insignificant. Undeniably, cancer shifts perspective. Tricia agonized over what to say and hoped “Here for you” captured her love and commitment for a friend facing unimaginable challenges.

This article was published in Coping® with Cancer magazine, March/April 2022.