Changing the Script

Changing the Script Siobhan Farrell

by Siobhan Farrell

My life is improvised-
a foul cabal of cells has
destroyed innocent tissue,
my body repossessed,
rivers diverted to flood
vast territories

But it’s not what you think…
my body is not a battlefield.
I get that you want to take sides.
but both sides are mine and mine alone.

I reject your litany of prognoses,
prescriptions and pronouncements.
I want to hold the darkness in my hands
and taste the sweetness  
of my wild and wondrous life.

Siobhan Farrell is a colon cancer survivor that has been in remission for almost six years. She has had her writing published in a number of journals, including Northwestern Ontario Writing Workshop Litfest, the Prairie Journal of Canadian Literature, The Walleye, LAIR, Dreamers Creative Writing, and Blank Spaces. She lives in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada, on the north short of Lake Superior.

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