A Woman is…

A Woman is… Lisa Owens

by Lisa H. Owens

A woman is so much more than her breasts:

A mother. Raising children. Tending to their every need. Teaching them to be strong and independent. Leading by example. Protecting them. Always putting herself last.

A wife. A help-meet. Loving and caring for her spouse. Overlooking his weaknesses and annoying habits. Building him up—at her own expense—when things get tough. Too stubborn to ask for help. Too stubborn to admit that she cannot do it alone, at times. Always putting herself last.

A friend. A gentle soul exuding kindness. Aware of the moods of those around her. Brightening a room with her presence. Encouraging—while still holding her ground—in the things that really matter. Defusing situations with a kind word, a stern look, a hug. Always putting herself last.

A warrior. Willing to fight for her survival. Unwilling to leave those she loves behind. Realizing that sometimes it is selfish to not tell those around her what she truly needs. For once putting herself first.

An artist. Filling the world with beauty. Watching the sunrise…

Lisa Owens is a creative writer and columnist living in North Texas. To learn more about Lisa and her work, visit LisaHOwens.com. This poem was written for Lisa’s neighbor diagnosed with breast cancer.

This poem was published in Coping® with Cancer magazine, September/October 2021.

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