National Cancer Survivors Day

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Cancer Survivors
Coping with Cancer

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Cancer is Only the Beginning
Surviving the Cure,
Choosing to Live

by Andrew Bundy

I guess you could say I was lucky – leukemia wasn’t too bad for me. I mean, sure, at the time, it was horrible, the worst thing I thought any­one could go through. But four rounds of chemotherapy, a bone marrow trans­plant, and six months later, I was in remission and already thinking about joining my high school friends in col­lege, although I’d be a freshman, and they’d be sophomores.

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Sean Swarner: Defying the Odds

For two-time cancer survivor Sean Swarner, nothing’s impossible. Not even the Explorers Grand Slam.

by Kaylene Chadwell

Completing the Explorers Grand Slam, which includes climbing the highest mountain on every continent and trekking to the North and South Poles, would be an impressive feat for anyone to accomplish. But for someone like Sean Swarner – a two-time cancer survivor with only one functioning lung, who was twice told he had only weeks to live, and who once spent almost an entire year in a medically induced coma – you’d think that achievement would be all but impossible. That is, if you didn’t know Sean. His whole life has been about defying the odds.

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Lessons That Cancer Taught Me

by Heather Hall

This year I celebrate a special anniversary – 20 years as a cancer survivor. While it’s an anniversary that my family and friends celebrate too, it’s a milestone that only I can fully feel. And, yes, I celebrate it! Because every morning that we wake up to a new day should be cause for celebration.

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