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Divine Secrets of the
Ta-Ta Sisterhood
13 Insights from a Breast Cancer Survivor

by Joanna Chapman

1. It can be really hard to make treatment decisions.
2. Seek out your pink tribe, the group that feels right to you.
3. Remember that it’s emotionally exhausting for your loved ones too.

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Let’s Be Honest …

The New Etiquette for Cancer Survivors
and Their Friends

by Letty Cottin Pogrebin

Giving your friend with cancer permission to tell you the truth about what they want and what they’re feeling doesn’t mean they have to tell you absolutely everything. When friends of mine asked how I was doing during breast cancer, I used to answer in detail – until I started noticing how often their eyes glazed over.

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Still Struggling with Post-Cancer Loneliness?

Here’s the Secret to Putting It Behind You

by Debbie Woodbury

I’m OK with solitude. In fact, I crave it. What I’m not OK with is loneliness. Before my breast cancer diagnosis and mastectomy, I thought I knew what lone­liness felt like.

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