National Cancer Survivors Day

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Cancer Survivors
Coping with Cancer

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I’m Not Dead Yet

by Ann Rein

Katie Suss, who is 15 and has a nice voice and a long history of theatrical camps, said I needed a theme song and she had just the one for me: “I’m Not Dead Yet” from Spamalot.

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After Cancer,
Discovering the Life I Was Meant to Live

by Amelia Frahm

“You’ll get over it, and one day you’ll wake up in the morning, and cancer won’t be the first thing you think about,” said the woman on the phone.

“Lady, I’m not ever getting over this!” I thought to myself.

Cancer is no longer the first thing that comes to my mind upon waking, but it likes to remind me that it could be.

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When Life Gives You Cancer,
Find the Celebration

by Shannon Doan-Duff

Only 11 weeks after my dad was diagnosed with advanced colon cancer, I too became a member of the cancer club. I had melanoma. My family went from being a “normal” family (normal being relative for those who know us) to a family living with cancer. Living, though, took on an entirely different meaning after cancer entered the picture.

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