Good Morning America’s Amy Robach
On Surviving Breast Cancer, Overcoming Fear, and the On-Air Mammogram that May Have Just Saved Her Life

Three years ago, Amy Robach made the move from the host position at NBC’s Weekend Today to take a job at rival network ABC’s Good Morning America. Little did she know at the time that her new job may have helped save her life.

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Amy Robach

“I honestly thought it was nearly impossible for me to have breast cancer given my age and my lack of family history.”

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I Survived Cancer
Why Do I Feel So Guilty?

Survivor guilt is common among survivors of traumatic events – such as war, natural disasters, epidemics, and illnesses like cancer. Survivor guilt is a deep sense of guilt felt by people who have survived an experience that others did not.

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Healing Your Spirit

Every day in my work as a hospital chaplain I meet with people who are living with cancer in ways that inspire me. Many of these folks tell me they cultivate spiritual well-being, even while dealing with a serious diagnosis or while facing treatment challenges. And yet, it is not at all unusual for these situations to bring survivors and their families to the existential brink.

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Get Help for Speech and Swallowing Difficulties after Head and Neck Cancer

A diagnosis of head and neck can­cer often raises concerns about speech clarity, voice quality, and swallowing ability. The degree to which a person’s speech and swallowing func­tions are affected varies depending on the type, size, and location of the tumor and the method used to treat it. Some people glide through treatment with little difficulty, while others experience impairment that is more extensive.

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On the Job Hunt after Cancer

A recent Harris Poll survey conducted on behalf of Cancer and Careers found that 78% of the cancer survivors surveyed were concerned that their cancer diag­nosis would hinder their ability to find a new job. For many survivors, job hunting after cancer proves to be a chal­lenging experience. However, you can rest assured that if you are qualified for a job, an employer cannot refuse to hire you simply because you have had cancer.

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Coping with the Cognitive Side Effects of Cancer

Among the possible side effects of cancer, many survivors report changes in their thinking skills during and after treatment. The severity of these changes varies by person and can include memory problems; difficulty with concentrating, multitasking, and word finding; and slowed thinking. This cancer-related cognitive impairment is often referred to as chemo brain.

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Survivor of the Week

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The Waiting Room

by Lisa Pawlak

While I am sitting in the oncol­ogy waiting room, I often wonder what I am doing here. I pass the time by flipping through magazines, browsing the web on my smartphone, and sending text messages to my husband. Often, I complain that I am still waiting.

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