7th Heaven Alum and Hodgkin Lymphoma Survivor Barry Watson
Reflects on More Than a Decade of Survivorship

Barry Watson has enjoyed a long and successful television career, having starred opposite Christina Applegate in ABC’s Samantha Who? and playing a recurring role in the final season of the popular CW series Gossip Girl. But the role Barry is probably most known for is that of Matt Camden, the eldest of the Camden clan on the now-syndicated hit series 7th Heaven.

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Barry Watson

"I was ready to do whatever I needed to do to get the cancer out of my body."

(Photo courtesy of UP TV)

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What Breast Cancer Survivors Need to Know about Osteoporosis & Vitamin D Deficiency

As a breast cancer survivor, you will face ongoing health challenges even after you’ve won your battle against cancer. One such challenge will be to keep your bones healthy and strong to reduce your risk of developing osteoporosis, a condition that causes bone loss and fractures. Osteoporosis is a major health concern for postmenopausal women, and breast cancer survivors are at even greater risk for developing the condition.

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Hope for the Future
Preserving Fertility in the Face of Cancer

With cancer survival rates steadily increasing, what was once considered a “terminal illness” now allows people to imagine a life after cancer with expectations beyond survival. However, some of the new life-saving treatments contributing to increased survival can negatively affect fertility, causing delays in child­bearing or even compromising a person’s ability to have children in the future. Fortunately, over the last several decades, the emergence of the medical discipline of oncofertility and the development of new fertility preservation techniques have made the dream of building a biological family a reality for many cancer survivors.

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Cancer Survivors to Celebrate Life on National Cancer Survivors Day – Sunday, June 1, 2014

From family members to close friends, everyone knows someone whose life has been touched by cancer. On Sunday, June 1, 2014, thousands of people around the world will unite to observe the 27th annual National Cancer Survivors Day®. Hundreds of communities across the U.S. and abroad will hold celebrations on this day to honor cancer survivors and show that there is life after a cancer diagnosis – and it’s worth celebrating.

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The Symptoms and Side Effects of Multiple Myeloma
and What You Can Do about Them

When you’re going through treatment for multiple myeloma, listen to your body. Keep a journal of how you feel physically and emotionally. Keeping notes can help you keep track of how you’re doing over time and of symp­toms or side effects that may come and go. This can help you work closely with your doctor to manage the side effects that you experience from mul­tiple myeloma or its treatment, and ensure that your questions are answered.

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Addressing Sexual Recovery after Prostate Surgery

Most men undergoing surgery to remove their prostate will experience difficulty getting an erection for varying lengths of time after surgery. In order to restore sexual vitality, two main areas need to be addressed. The first is largely physical. The second can have both physical and psychological factors. The road to sexual recovery is not always an easy one, but with time, effort, and a little bit of patience, success is possible.

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Survivor of the Week

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Cancer Survivors Can …

by Nicole Malato

When I was diagnosed with cancer, I remember thinking that my life was irrevocably changed. I was right. But not in ways I would have expected. At first, my future felt limited. In time, I understood that it wasn’t. I thought that being a cancer survivor was something to be afraid of or sad about. Then I realized it was something to be proud of. I learned early on in my survivorship that there is indeed hope in cancer: hope for a cure, and hope for making the world a better place.

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