Actress Valerie Harper is Living Life Fully
… even with a diagnosis of metastatic lung cancer

According to the American Lung Association, every five minutes, a woman in the U.S. is diagnosed with lung cancer. In 2009, beloved tele­vision and stage actress Valerie Harper became one of them. Following surgery to remove a tumor from her right lung, Valerie enjoyed four cancer-free years before learning that not only had her cancer returned, manifesting itself in the tissue surrounding her brain and spinal cord, but this time, it was terminal.

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Valerie Harper

"I can't say I've suffered as some have. I've been extremely lucky."

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WOW, Am I Ever Angry!
7 Steps for Coping with Angry Feelings

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t get angry. And there’s nothing wrong with that. After all, anger is a basic human emotion, like sadness or happiness. Certain situations evoke angry feelings by reminding us that life isn’t always fair, that it doesn’t always go the way we think it should. No one knows this better than someone who is living with cancer.

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Life After “The News”
Managing Distress after a Cancer Diagnosis

So you’ve been diagnosed with cancer. Your mind is flooded with questions, and waves of difficult emotions wash over you. Or maybe you’re feeling nothing at all, stricken with numbness or disbelief. The days following your diagnosis are a blur as you try to pro­cess the news and prepare for what’s to come. It’s difficult to think of any­thing other than cancer and what it means for your life.

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HELP! My Skin’s Not the Same after Treatment

“My skin just hasn’t been the same since chemo­therapy.” I hear this comment frequently from cancer survi­vors, who often follow the statement with a list of the changes they’ve ob­served: drier, more sensitive skin; brittle nails; hair alterations; skin discoloration; and more. Survivor skin can be different from pretreatment skin in many ways. Some skin changes will resolve with time; others may not.

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Quiet, Please ...
It’s Time to Connect with Your Soul

Bombarded – that’s the word survi­vors often use to describe what happens to you right after finding out you have cancer. You barely have time to absorb the shock of the diagno­sis before you’re hit with complicated medical information and instructions, a calendar full of medical appointments, and a cascade of phone calls.

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Lost Appetite?
Satisfying Solutions for Getting the Nutrition You Need

As important as it is to eat well during cancer treatment, for many survivors, finding the motivation to do so can be challenging. Cancer can put you in a hypermetabolic (fuel-burning) state that can rob your muscles of pro­tein and cause weight loss, depleting your stamina and leaving you easily fatigued. So what can you do to overcome these barriers to good nutrition?

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Survivor of the Week

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The Legend of Big Billy

by Craig Harrison

It was late in the winter of 2010, and the nights were long and dark. I lay in bed motionless hour after hour, listening to the wall clock mock me with its relentless chiming that marked each passage of time – a haunting melody that became the subtle, audible reminder of yet another sleepless 60 minutes I would never get back.

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