National Cancer Survivors Day

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Wellness for Caregivers


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The questions never stop nagging you:
Why is this happening?
How did it happen?
Could you have done something to prevent it?

When Your Child Has Cancer

by Michele Pierce

You wake up. You only have a second before reality punches you in the gut. The tears begin to fall. Soon they are streaming down your face. But you fight them off. You must be strong. You tell yourself that everything will be OK.

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Gifts Closed the Distance

by Linda Slusser

When my long-distance best friend was diagnosed with cancer, I had to find a way to support her from afar. As the weeks of treatment proceeded, Marilyn looked forward to the little surprises I had lined up for her.

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Photo by Cancer Type

Caring for Your Loved One with Lung Cancer

In recent years, there have been some exciting developments in treating lung cancer. But a diagnosis of lung cancer can still be overwhelming and leave feelings of uncertainty and anxiousness. There are important treatment decisions to make, emotional concerns to manage, and insurance and financial paperwork to organize, among other practical con­cerns. However, there are ways to cope through this journey as caregiver, and resources are available to benefit you and your loved one.

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