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Talking Bladder Cancer
with Marilu
Marilu Henner and Husband,
Michael Brown, Open Up about His Bladder Cancer, Her Role as Caregiver, & How to Talk Frankly about the Disease

Michael and Marilu have teamed up with Genen­tech to talk about how bladder cancer survivors can navigate difficult discussions with their partner, loved ones, and doctors. The couple recently shared with Coping how they took on cancer – together.

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Marilu Henner
"I am grateful for Marilu's support as my own personal 'health concierge.' She made all of the challenges easier." - Michael

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Tackling Cancer-Related Fatigue

Fatigue is one of the most prevalent and troubling side effects cancer survivors face, both during treatment and after treatment ends. Cancer-related fatigue is a dis­tressing, persistent, subjective sense of physical, emotional, or cognitive tiredness that is caused by cancer or its treatment. This type of fatigue can significantly diminish a cancer survivor’s quality of life.

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A Husband’s Journey Through a Double Mastectomy
Tips on Coping, Supporting Your Wife, & What the Doctors Don’t Tell You

Breast Cancer. Like so many, I’ve seen the pink ribbons, watched women in pink t-shirts hit the streets for fundraising 5Ks, and cheered on pink-clad football players during the NFL’s Breast Cancer Awareness drives every October. Breast cancer awareness is ingrained in our society. That said, mine remained a passing awareness. That was until October 2016 when my wife, Heather, was diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer and underwent a double mastectomy.

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Can anything good come of it?

Everyone experiences it. Some people fear it, desperately seek­ing to get out of it quickly. Others wrap it around themselves and sink deeply into it, sometimes for years. It’s more than just a feeling – it’s a process. It is grief. Grief is the conflicting feelings and inner turmoil caused by the end of – or change in – something. Many people have this notion that they can avoid grief. But, guess what? You can’t. It’s part of the human experience.

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When Cancer Comes Calling:
Gratitude as a Source of Meaning,
Hope, & Strength

May was in her early 30s when she was diagnosed with ad­vanced breast cancer. When we met, she was using a wheelchair, no longer able to walk due to spinal me­tastases. May described herself as “an open book.” And, indeed, she gener­ously shared her life’s story with me and with others in the weekly cancer support group I was leading.

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Photo by Cancer Type

Coping with Bladder Cancer

A diagnosis of bladder cancer can leave you and your loved ones feeling uncertain, anx­ious, and overwhelmed. There are important treatment decisions to make, emotional concerns to manage, and insurance and financial paperwork to organize, among other practical concerns.

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Survivor of the Week

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Advice for My Teenage Self
7 Things I Would Tell the Girl Diagnosed with Cancer at Age Sixteen

by Julia Hernandez

You never expect to be told that you have cancer, but on February 14, 2010, Valentine’s Day, it hap­pened to me. In a matter of days, I went from being a typical 16-year-old girl, worried about my upcoming driver’s license test, to a cancer survivor living in a hospital.

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