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Emotional Well-being

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Treating and Defeating Depression

by Caryl Fulcher, MSN, RN, CNS-BC

We have all heard the word depression, and each of us likely has our own definition of it. For some, it is a momentary feeling of more “down and blue” than usual or a mood caused by something frightening, like cancer. For others, it is a clinical condition that includes unwelcome changes in sleep and appetite, loss of interest in usual activities, poor ability to concentrate, forgetfulness, and sometimes feelings of hopelessness and worthlessness.

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Caring for Your Mind and Body through Cancer

by Donna Wilson, RN, MSN, RRT, and Diana Sadtler, BS, CPT-NASM, CES

People making the journey through cancer treatment find that life changes in many ways. The road to recovery is different for everyone, but taking care of your mind and body is critical.

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Cultivating an Attitude of Gratitude

by Betsy Kohn, MA, PC, and Mary Fisher Bornstein, LISW-S

What does it mean to be grateful? Does living a life where you practice gratitude change your perspective? Do you notice any changes in your relationships with others or with yourself when you practice an attitude of gratitude? These questions often arise for those who focus on the concept of gratitude. For those on the cancer journey, these questions may surface both during and after treatment, as this is often a time of reflection and contemplation.

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The “Write” Way to Heal

by Pamela Post-Ferrante, MED, MFA, CAGS

When I experienced one diagnosis of cancer after another over the span of five years, my life looked like a disaster, especially with a divorce and lost home thrown into the mix. I might have gone under. Instead, writing saved me. It put the pieces of my life back together. It slowed me down and let me feel the joy of creating. Writing had always been at the helm, but this time it was healing me.

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Free Yourself from Fear and Anxiety

by Scott A. Bonnel, LMFT

Imagine you’re having a party. As the host of the party, your job is to ensure that your guests are attended to. You notice that one of your guests is being noisy and obnoxious. The guest is getting so loud that you’re starting to feel uncomfortable. How would you deal with this guest?

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Five Things to Put in Your Backpack When Going for Treatment in Cancerville

by William Penzer, PhD

It’s hard to find someone who hasn’t been touched by cancer. I was in just that position a few years ago when my daughter was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 31. While sitting in the waiting room of Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York, I came to realize that cancer is not just a medical diagnosis; it’s also a place. My daughter, my wife, and I had just entered what I came to call Cancerville.

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Strategies for Completing the Cancer Triathlon

by Jane Loeb Rubin

As I reach the end of my second phase of treatment and prepare to head into the third and, God willing, last phase, I have found myself struggling with the mental preparation I need. For the most part, I have heard scary, uncomfortable details of what is ahead, and although this last part will only take three rounds of three treatments, each round seems like an enormous mountain to climb.

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Time to Live

by Melinda Taranto-Garnis, LICSW

I met a man named Michael recently. His oncologist had asked me to give him a call. Michael had just been diagnosed with smoldering multiple myeloma. When I called him, I could hear him moving around and closing a door before he launched into a list of concerns. Michael felt this diagnosis was a wake-up call, and he wanted to take full advantage of it.

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