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Physical Well-being

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Dance Your Way to Cancer Prevention

When Karen Franklin was diagnosed with breast cancer last year, it was her passion for Zumba® that helped her beat the disease. Franklin’s story reminds us about exercise’s cancer-fighting benefits.

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Patients Receiving Cancer Treatment May Require Additional Treatment by a Dermatologist

A cancer diagnosis and subsequent treatment, which commonly includes chemotherapy or radiation, can be taxing physically and emotionally on any patient. If that is not enough, dermatologists are cautioning patients receiving cancer treatment and cancer survivors that they may experience a host of skin, hair or nail problems as a direct result of their therapy that may require additional treatment by a dermatologist.

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February is National Cancer Prevention Month

If your New Year’s fervor to get healthy is already losing steam, February – National Cancer Prevention Month – is a great time to give yourself a second chance. American Institute for Cancer Research's three Guidelines for Cancer Prevention can help you focus on what’s most important.

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Ten New Year's Resolutions for Cancer Survivors

by Karen Syrjala, PhD

There are 12 million survivors in the United States, and while it’s good news that their numbers are growing, not all are problem-free. Many have long-term health needs resulting from having cancer and being treated for it. Here are some suggested New Year’s resolutions for survivors who want to lead healthier lives.

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The Benefits of Exercise During and After Cancer Treatment

by Lee W. Jones, PhD

The therapeutic properties of endurance and resistance exercise have been recognized since antiquity. Unfortunately, investigation of the role of exercise following a diagnosis of cancer has received comparably less attention.

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Defending Against Infections

by Cheryl Perego, MPH, CIC, and Roy Chemaly, MD, MPH, FIDSA, FACP

Did you know that your immune system, the body’s number one defense against infections, is often affected when you have cancer? When you are being treated with chemotherapy or radiation therapy, your immune system may not be able to put up a good fight against the germs that cause infections.

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Get Your Exercise Program on Track

by Howard Stidwill, PhD

Exercise has long been seen as instrumental in the recovery of cardiac patients, and it is increasingly playing an important role for people undergoing cancer treatment. But before we delve in, we should first look at what is meant by exercise and outline the various forms it can take.

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Finding a Good Life After Cancer

by Roger Granet, MD

You are in remission, perhaps even cured – congratulations! Your cancer treatment has been a success. Yes, it was emotionally and physically depleting, but now it’s all over, and you can just go ahead and live your life and forget about the past. Wait a minute. It’s not quite that simple.

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