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Quitting Smoking after Cancer

by Suhana de Leon-Sanchez, RN, NP-BC, CTTS, and Jamie Ostroff, PhD

Although most people know that smoking is the most preventable cause of illness in the United States, there is considerably less aware­ness about the risks of continued smoking and the benefits of quitting for those diagnosed with cancer. Many smokers assume that quitting smoking after a cancer diagnosis won’t really make a difference. “Why bother? I already have cancer,” they say. “After all, the damage is done, right?” Wrong.

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The Ten Commandments

by William Penzer, PhD


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Tick Tock

Every hour, on the hour, a cacoph­ony of chimes swells throughout our three-level home. A grand- father clock in the living room chimes Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy.” The golden face of a Rhythm clock gracefully opens up as it fills the dining room with the melody of Simon and Garfunkel’s “Bridge Over Troubled Water.”

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When a Loved One Has Cancer

by Gerri and Brian Monaghan

Take a look at these 15 quick tips for being an effective advocate.

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17 Tips for Cancer Caregivers

by Rob Harris

Cancer caregiver Rob Harris shares his advice for caring for a loved one with cancer.

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5 Tips for the Cancer Caregiver

by Deborah J. Cornwall

Caregivers are at the center of the cancer experience, though they’re often invisible. Every­one asks how the person in treatment is doing, but people just assume that you, the caregiver, are fine, because they see you soldiering on. Everyone who is diagnosed with can­cer needs an engaged caregiver who will manage access to treatments, sustain some normalcy day-to-day, and fuel hope for a cancer-free future. If you’re new to the caregiver role, here is some ad­vice to help you get the lay of the land.

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Caregiving with Love

by Guy Magar

Whether it’s your wife, husband, or child, or a relative or close friend you’re caring for, it is paramount that you become the best caregiver possible for your loved one. As a caregiver for my wife, Jacqui, during her brave journey to beat acute myeloid leukemia, here is what I learned.

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My Cancer Circle™ Online Tool for Cancer Caregivers Now Available

Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, Inc. and CancerCare® have launched My Cancer Circle™ (, an online tool that enables caregivers of people facing cancer to organize and coordinate a circle of family members and friends to provide practical and emotional support.

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