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Finding Balance

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Time to Live

by Melinda Taranto-Garnis, LICSW

I met a man named Michael recently. His oncologist had asked me to give him a call. Michael had just been diagnosed with smoldering multiple myeloma. When I called him, I could hear him moving around and closing a door before he launched into a list of concerns. Michael felt this diagnosis was a wake-up call, and he wanted to take full advantage of it.

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Life after Cancer

by Fran Zandstra, RN, MBA, OCN

In the midst of cancer treatment, for most, the goal is to cure the cancer. You count the months and days until you reach that milestone. When the day finally arrives, you are elated and ready to put the experience behind you. Your doctor and healthcare team congratulate you with a pat on the back, a warm hug, and a fond farewell. This is the day you and your loved ones have been looking forward to – treatment is over. Let the celebration begin!

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Approaching the End of Active Treatment

by Lidia Schapira, MD

Approaching the end of “active” cancer treatment is typically viewed with both relief and worry. Family members and friends often expect survivors to snap back into pre-cancer mode, but rarely do survivors find the energy or drive to do so. In fact, many face the transition to “survivorship” with mixed emotions.

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Rebalancing Your Life

by Deborah Leoni

The reason this topic caught your eye is because at some level something feels “out of whack” for you, right? It’s time for you to rebalance. Rebalance means to restore balance or equilibrium to something.

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Getting Back to Work after Cancer

Once your cancer treatment is complete or nearing comple­tion and you’ve been cleared to return to work, at least part time, more challenges await. Here are some suggestions for smoothing the transi­tion from “person with cancer” back to valued employee.

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Cancer and Fertility – Young Women Speak Up

Many more adolescents and young adults are surviving their disease, resulting in a substantial and growing number of female cancer survivors of reproductive age. Young cancer survivors are less likely to have biological children than non-cancer survivors, mainly due to the effects of cancer treatments on future fertility.

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Surviving the Holidays while Surviving Cancer

by Melissa Minkley, MSW

It was a week before Christmas and I was visiting with my sister who had completed her last radiation treatment for breast cancer earlier that day. As she pointed to a stack of plastic bins filled with Christmas decorations, she sighed and said, “I feel so bad, I’m not up to putting them out this year.”

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ASCO Booklet Helps Cancer Survivors Transition to Life after Treatment

With more patients surviving cancer than ever before, the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) released a new publication to help patients adjust to life after active cancer treatment. The free booklet, based on oncologist-approved content from ASCO’s patient information website, Cancer.Net, helps people understand what to expect as treatment is completed, explains common challenges faced by survivors, and offers suggestions for next steps following treatment.

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