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A Fresh Take on Journaling through Cancer

by Janet Falon

You’ve probably heard this be­fore, but if you’re a cancer survivor (or the care partner of a cancer survivor), writing down your feelings and thoughts in a journal is healing – emotionally, spiritually, and, many people think, physically.

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I’ve Just Been Diagnosed with Cancer.
Now What?

by Sarah Rosenbloom, PhD

A diagnosis of any type of cancer can be shocking and devastat­ing, even if it is treatable or curable. When you first learn you have cancer, you may feel as if your life is out of control. You may wonder if you’re going to live, your normal routine is disrupted by doctor visits and treat­ments, you may feel like you can’t do the things you enjoy, and you can feel helpless and lonely.

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New Developments in Cancer Research

Advances in cancer treatment presented at the 2017 American Society of Clinical Oncology Annual Meeting

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Making Progress Against Cancer

by Douglas R. Lowy, MD, acting director of the National Cancer Institute

Over the last few years, I’ve had the great privilege of visiting a variety of NCI-designated Cancer Centers and talking with various stakeholder groups across the country. While meeting with oncologists and researchers takes up most of my time, the highlight is always my interactions with patients. I am especially moved by the willingness of so many to take part in clinical trials – to become part­ners on our research journey – all in the hope that others won’t have to experi­ence what they are going through. Their courage is a humbling reminder of the experiences of all cancer survivors and the reason why we do what we do every day at the National Cancer Institute.

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Advice for My Teenage Self

by Julia Hernandez

You never expect to be told that you have cancer, but on February 14, 2010, Valentine’s Day, it hap­pened to me. In a matter of days, I went from being a typical 16-year-old girl, worried about my upcoming driver’s license test, to a cancer survivor living in a hospital.

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Tackling Cancer-Related Fatigue

by Yesne Alici, MD

Fatigue is one of the most prevalent and troubling side effects cancer survivors face, both during treatment and after treatment ends. Cancer-related fatigue is a dis­tressing, persistent, subjective sense of physical, emotional, or cognitive tiredness that is caused by cancer or its treatment. This type of fatigue can significantly diminish a cancer survivor’s quality of life.

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by Sharon Roth-Lichtenfeld, CPC, PPC, ELI-MP, Paula Holland De Long, ACC, CPCC, and Tambre Leighn, MA, PCC, ELI-MP

Everyone experiences it. Some people fear it, desperately seek­ing to get out of it quickly. Others wrap it around themselves and sink deeply into it, sometimes for years. It’s more than just a feeling – it’s a process. It is grief. Grief is the conflicting feelings and inner turmoil caused by the end of – or change in – something. Many people have this notion that they can avoid grief. But, guess what? You can’t. It’s part of the human experience.

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A Husband’s Journey Through a
Double Mastectomy

by Chris Spires

Breast Cancer. Like so many, I’ve seen the pink ribbons, watched women in pink t-shirts hit the streets for fundraising 5Ks, and cheered on pink-clad football players during the NFL’s Breast Cancer Awareness drives every October. Breast cancer awareness is ingrained in our society. That said, mine remained a passing awareness. That was until October 2016 when my wife, Heather, was diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer and underwent a double mastectomy.

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