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Dr. Gary McClain

WOW, Am I Ever Angry!
7 Steps for Coping with Angry Feelings

by Gary McClain, PhD

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t get angry. And there’s nothing wrong with that. After all, anger is a basic human emotion, like sadness or happiness. Certain situations evoke angry feelings by reminding us that life isn’t always fair, that it doesn’t always go the way we think it should. No one knows this better than someone who is living with cancer.

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Life After “The News”

by Alexandra Gee, PsyD, and Teresa Deshields, PhD

So you’ve been diagnosed with cancer. Your mind is flooded with questions, and waves of difficult emotions wash over you. Or maybe you’re feeling nothing at all, stricken with numbness or disbelief. The days following your diagnosis are a blur as you try to pro­cess the news and prepare for what’s to come. It’s difficult to think of any­thing other than cancer and what it means for your life.

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Be the Author of Your Story

by Rosemary E. Newnham

Ten years ago, I experienced some sudden, scary changes in my health. I went through nine months of doctor’s appointments and countless blood tests before I learned the cause of these changes. At first, I felt as if my life was orbiting out of control. Then I started writing about it. On the page, I emerged as a brave, truth-seeking warrior. No longer a scared, wounded victim, I was the au­thor of my own life again.

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