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Integrative Oncology
Bridging the Gap between Ancient Healing and Modern Medicine

by Shelly Latte-Naor, MD, and Jun J. Mao, MD, MSCE

Claire was diagnosed with breast cancer while in her early 50s. In the months following her diag­nosis, she underwent surgery, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy. While bat­tling the physical, psychological, and social side effects of her treatment, she diligently followed her doctor’s instruc­tions and her nurse’s advice. She asked questions at every appointment and stayed informed through various online patient resources. However, during the course of her treatment and in the months that followed, she found herself increas­ingly faced with questions that did not seem to have easy answers.

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A New Approach to Managing
Cancer-Related Pain

by Tanya J. Uritsky, PharmD

Pain medications have gotten a lot of press over the past couple of years. It seems a new story about the dangers of pain medications is re­ported almost daily – from concerns about misuse, to overdose, to drug-drug interactions and overall safety. In light of recent news coverage, let’s review the basic principles of managing cancer-related pain as we sort through some of the new information that is out there.

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Diagnosis: Lung Cancer

A diagnosis of lung cancer can leave you and your loved ones feeling uncertain, anxious, and overwhelmed. You have important treatment decisions to make, emotional concerns to manage, and insurance and financial paperwork to organize, among other practical concerns. Here are four keys to help you manage the disease and maximize your quality of life.

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