National Cancer Survivors Day

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Welcome or not, a cancer diagnosis presents an opportunity to construct a totally new system of thought, a new framework on which to build our lives.

Spirituality & Survivorship
Finding Your Way after a Diagnosis of Cancer

by Rev. Jill Bowden, BCC, and Melissa Stewart, LCSW-R

Surviving cancer – what does that mean?
From a physical and medi­cal perspective, it means to continue to exist without signs or symptoms of the illness that threatened one’s life. Perhaps it means being “in remission,” or “cancer-free.” But once cancer has invaded body, mind, and spirit, the impact lingers in the emotional and spiritual parts of a person well beyond the conclusion of treatment. For many, the experience leaves them forever changed.

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Easing the Pain of Cancer

How Mindfulness Can Help You Manage Cancer-Related Pain

by Emily Cox-Martin, PhD, and Diane Novy, PhD

Pain is a multidimensional experience. It can affect you both physically and emotionally. By the same token, pain can also be treated using more than one method. One strat­egy often used by clinical psychologists and other mental health providers to help cancer survivors manage pain is called mindfulness.

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Spiritual Care for Cancer Survivors

Finding ways to nurture your spirit can bring wholeness and wellness during cancer treatment and recovery.

by Walter V. Moczynski, DMIN, BCC

The cancer journey can have many pauses or jolts that can disrupt your inner peace, drain your strength, cause you to question your meaning and purpose, and cloud your relationships and your future. No matter where you are on the journey, you can draw upon spiritual resources within and around you to move beyond surviving to living again. But in order to do that, you must tend to your spirit.

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