National Cancer Survivors Day

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Tapping into your spirituality can boost your sense of well-being during this challenging time.

Spiritual Care for Cancer Survivors

by Jamie Alexis Cohen, PsyD, and Rev. Susan P. Conrad, ACPE

A cancer diagnosis changes your life. Suddenly, you may find yourself on shifting sands, unsure if your feet will ever land on solid ground. When faced with the un­certainty and fear that this diagnosis can bring, you may wonder, “In whom, and in what, can I trust?” You may suddenly feel vulnerable, searching for sources of meaning, faith, connection, and belonging. A cancer diagnosis may shift your relationship with spirituality.

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Healing Your Spirit

by Kava Schafer, MDIV, MA

Every day in my work as a hospital chaplain I meet with people who are living with cancer in ways that inspire me. Many of these folks tell me they cultivate spiritual well-being, even while dealing with a serious diagnosis or while facing treatment challenges. And yet, it is not at all unusual for these situations to bring survivors and their families to the existential brink.

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Quiet, Please ...

It’s Time to Connect with Your Soul

by Elizabeth Lenegan, PhD

Bombarded – that’s the word survi­vors often use to describe what happens to you right after finding out you have cancer. You barely have time to absorb the shock of the diagno­sis before you’re hit with complicated medical information and instructions, a calendar full of medical appointments, and a cascade of phone calls.

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