National Cancer Survivors Day

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Words of Inspiration

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The C Word

by Ann-Marie Clark

It lay in my palm
Like a piece of barbed wire
While I watched myself

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Julie Ann in the Bone Marrow Unit, Zion, Illinois

by John Rybicki

Ah Dame, I don’t know how else to love you
so I just start juggling. I’m on the street

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I Sit with Bald Women in Borrowed Hair

by Teresa Cooper

I sit with bald women in borrowed hair
Each week we ask, “How are you?”
And each answers, “Fine”

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Do You Know My Sister?

by Terry McAlpine

She’s rather small in stature, but she seems so big in my eyes.

She was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. It was real, real bad.

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by Don Winslow

No goals, no expectations.
Whatever is, is.
For now – just Be.

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Cancer Does Not Have Me

by Christine Dittmann

I have cancer
But cancer does not have me.

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Ode to Prednisone

by Marsha Sray

Oh, you five orange chalky tablets separated in my
pill-by-day box,
you taste so bitter going down and like to get stuck where
my tonsils used to be.
I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter, spread thin on both sides,
makes you much more cooperative ... and tasty.

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The Bridge to Survival

by Pat Godfrey McRee

Ordinary woman … me.
‘Til cancer called and
Rocked my world.

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