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The Power of Ten

by Suzanne Lindley

I’ve focused so much of my life around this time that I’ve not looked much past it. Now it is time for me to create new plans. The first new milestone has come, as September marked my ten year anniversary with colon cancer.

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Reclaiming My Life after Metastatic Breast Cancer

by Jean Rymon

The first thing my oncologist stressed to me after I was diagnosed with breast cancer was the importance of my attitude and support network. To this day, I continue to live by that advice.

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Moving On with Life after Prostate Cancer

by Gerald Murray

Being diagnosed with prostate cancer after a routine blood test was one of the biggest shocks of my life. At 80 years old, I’ve been retired for 10 years and have been living the good life. Prostate cancer was something I had always heard and read about but never imagined would happen to me.

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Ten Years of Learning

by Heather Hall

I celebrate a milestone this year. It is my 10-year anniversary. Not one I share with a particular man. It is mine alone to revel in. I celebrate a decade as a cancer survivor. Ten years ago, I finished a wickedly aggressive treatment for bone cancer, traded my femur and knee for titanium, and started on a very different course from the one I planned after my recent college graduation.

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I Had Cancer on My Wedding Day

by Crystal Brown-Tatum

As I flip through my wedding album, all of the details are a blur. I don’t notice the flowers or the detailed cake. What I cherish is the genuine smile on my face that reflects the love in my heart for so many things – life, my husband, my daughter, my family and friends. Dazzling in my strapless wedding gown, little did I know I had breast cancer. Ironic isn’t it? I look so happy while cancer was dwelling inside me.

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This Patience Is Definitely a Virtue

by Lou Mulkern

No one knows exactly what was going through Patience Knight’s mind as she stood onstage at New York’s Columbia University accepting the Honda Inspiration Award. But as she listened to the click of the cameras, it’s safe to assume she was thinking one thing – “I’m a survivor!”

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When Chemo Brain Follows You Home

by Beth Leibson

We sat on comfy sofas talking about fainting. Passing out was frightening, embarrassing, and seemingly inevitable. Someone was listing the various places we, as a cancer support group, had lost consciousness: the workplace, the schoolyard, on the way home from chemotherapy.

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Battling Breast Cancer the SECOND Time Around

by Lisa Boccard

In 2003, I was diagnosed a second time with breast cancer. But this time, it was metastatic breast cancer. After eleven years of surviving Stage III breast cancer, I found myself once again fighting for my life. This time around is much different than the first time – I will be treated for this disease for the rest of my life.

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