National Cancer Survivors Day

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Men Don’t Have Breasts!

by Eric Dunlap

A year before my cancer diagnosis, after working in the yard, I noticed a spot of blood on my shirt. Thinking that I had scratched myself, I dismissed the occurrence. Later that day, another spot appeared. After looking at my chest, I determined that the blood came from the nipple, so I scheduled a doctor’s appointment.

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One Step at a Time

by Lenor Chappell

It was my birthday, March 22, 1974. I was a fashion model, the wife of a rancher, and the mother of two little girls. I found a hard lump on my left leg. Within a month, I lost my leg and part of my hip. I survived, my family survived … only God knows how.

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Changing Your Stars

by Michelle Whitlock

Star light, star bright, cancer came into my life one night. Initially, it turned my universe upside down. Cancer shook the ground beneath my feet and blinded my sight.

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More Than Survivors

by Chris Frey, MSW

I have had wonderful cancer care. At each stage of my journey, I have met highly skilled, efficient, and compassionate caregivers. I have also been repeatedly reminded that I am not just the recipient of that care; I am an active, vibrant member of the team, working to restore me to health.

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Life Lessons from a Four-Year-Old Kid

by Lt. Mike Koprowski, USAF

Nearly two years ago, I wrote in these pages about my battle with testicular cancer. After waging the greatest battle of my life, I felt lost in a vacuum. Questions raced through my mind: Where do I go from here? Who am I supposed to be now? In a sense, my article was an open invitation to all cancer warriors to be my companion in the journey – to be my “comrades in arms” as I found my way through a remarkably changed life.

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Cancer – 25 Years Later

by Neil Fiore, PhD, 30-year survivor of a "terminal" cancer diagnosis

When the first edition of my book Coping with the Emotional Impact of Cancer: Become an Active Patient and Take Charge of Your Treatment was published in1984, the stigma associated with the word cancer was so strong that I had to fight to get the word cancer included in the title.

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A New Perspective

by Florence Ferreira

Three years ago, a doctor told me that I had three to six months to live. My breast cancer had spread extensively to my bones, my lungs, and my liver. Today, I am in stable condition. I was very upset at this doctor’s insensitivity for a while. How dare anyone tell me when I’m going to die? But looking back, his gloomy prognosis paradoxically gave me a new life-giving perspective.

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Accept and Fight

by Anne Beckman

For six and a half years, a monster named cancer has been chewing on my body. It began with breast cancer. After a year’s treatment, the beast went into remission. Three years later, pre-cancerous cells demanded a hysterectomy. Two years later, cancer reappeared on my skull and spine.

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