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Sisters on the Journey

by Karen Sudduth

My friend and I sat in a cozy bistro. This lovely treat was a gift we gave ourselves following a long day of tests and scans. My friend, courageously battling inflammatory breast cancer, was getting a second opinion. And we were having a heart-to-heart about the vulnerabilities we’ve experienced as cancer survivors.

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Bald Chicks Rule

by Mary Beth Hall

My new counseling job at the high school started in late July, just a few months after my breast cancer diagnosis. I could hardly keep my head up because of the radiation treatments, and I hadn’t even started working yet. I didn’t know how I was going to start a new job in this shape.

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Now That I Have Cancer...

by John Robert McFarland

I have nauseated days and frightened days. Tired days and hurting days. Long days and short days. Silent days and alone days. Sore mouth days and swollen hand days. Bald days and diarrhea days. Rainy days and sunny days. Cold days and warm days. But no bad days.

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That’s What Friends Are For

by Katharine Hoffmann

Just when life seemed a little too easy, I received a phone call from my doctor. She said the results from my Pap smear came back abnormal, but not to worry, “it’s probably just nothing,” she reassured me. The samples were sent to the lab for further testing, and a few hours later, I got another phone call. “You have Stage IIA cervical cancer,” my doctor told me.

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Turning a Corner

by Roger Tunsley

It’s Sunday evening, around nine o’clock. My wife, Kathy, and I are watching TV. I turn to her and ask if she would like anything – a snack or a drink. Then I suddenly remember; I have a scan in the morning and I’m not supposed to have anything to eat or drink after eight o’clock. I mention this to Kathy, and then we both realize what’s happened and we grin at each other. I’ve turned a corner.

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A Lesson in Courage

by Laura Shipp

On November 24, 1985, Jackie Pflug’s life was changed forever. When she woke up that morning, little did she know that a weekend trip to Greece would put her in the middle of a deadly terrorist attack. Jackie was a passenger on Egypt Air Flight 648. Her plane was hijacked just ten minutes into the flight. The hijackers soon began shooting hostages. Jackie was shot execution-style in the head and left for dead on the tarmac.

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Men Don’t Have Breasts!

by Eric Dunlap

A year before my cancer diagnosis, after working in the yard, I noticed a spot of blood on my shirt. Thinking that I had scratched myself, I dismissed the occurrence. Later that day, another spot appeared. After looking at my chest, I determined that the blood came from the nipple, so I scheduled a doctor’s appointment.

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One Step at a Time

by Lenor Chappell

It was my birthday, March 22, 1974. I was a fashion model, the wife of a rancher, and the mother of two little girls. I found a hard lump on my left leg. Within a month, I lost my leg and part of my hip. I survived, my family survived … only God knows how.

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