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Fifth Lilly Oncology On Canvas Art Competition Invites All Touched by Cancer to Share Their Cancer Journeys

Get your canvases, paintbrushes and cameras ready — the subject is cancer and you are the storyteller. Lilly Oncology and the National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship (NCCS) today announced the launch of the 2012 Lilly Oncology On Canvas: Expressions of a Cancer Journey Art Competition and Exhibition. The biennial competition invites individuals from the United States, Puerto Rico and Canada, who were diagnosed with any type of cancer — as well as their families, friends, caregivers and healthcare providers — to express, through art and narrative, the life-affirming changes that give their cancer journeys meaning.

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Fighting for Two

by Roxanne Martinez

Imagine learning you are pregnant, then being diagnosed with an aggressive breast cancer days later. That was the predicament I found myself in last November. Days after receiving the devastating diagnosis and with a whirlwind of emotions, I scheduled my first obstetrician appointment and my initial meetings with my surgeon and oncologist – all on the same day.

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Fighting Back Against Melanoma

by Debra Black

About 10 years ago, I was diagnosed with melanoma in situ, which is a very early stage of this type of skin cancer. Luckily, it was something that could be addressed with a routine procedure. However, because of that diagnosis, I knew I remained at risk for skin cancer and was advised to see a dermatologist at least every three months for a full body exam, which I did.

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Daily Reminders

by David Kelley

Tinnitus is the correct medical term for it. What I call it is one of my daily reminders that at least I am alive and able to, literally, live with such things as the constant, sometimes louder, sometimes quieter but always present tinnitus. It’s that ringing, buzzing, droning, no longer annoying, always there side effect of my cancer treatment last year. Actually, it’s just one of the side effects of the cancer treatment.

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The Bet

by Jana Johnston Moritzkat

Amy agonized over losing her blonde cotton candy hair to the shower drain. Her poker straight locks were baby fine, and when she teased and coated them with hairspray they puffed up and swirled like spun sugar. The chemotherapy nurse had said her hair would begin falling out two weeks after her first treatment. That was three days ago.

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The Trouble with Hope

by John Ptacek

I had a strained relationship with hope before my wife was diagnosed with cancer. To me, hope was a high waiting for a low, a fix with a nasty flipside. Far from the precious entity exalted by legions of poets and philosophers, hope was just another coordinate on the pain and pleasure cycle, existing in infinite balance with its opposite.

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On Surviving Breast Cancer – A Nurse’s Perspective

by Kathyrn T. Negri, RN

Some years ago while working on the medical unit, I overheard a doctor tell a woman she had breast cancer. The woman was in disbelief. She let out an agonizing cry and started shaking uncontrollably. My heart ached for her. I couldn’t help but wonder how I would react to such news. It wasn’t until years later that I found myself in the same predicament.

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The Wrestler

by Renee Gurley

Jon Veitch ended his freshman wrestling season with a dismal record of no wins; he had tasted defeat and refused to take another bite.

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