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Cancer and Spirituality

by Rev. George Handzo, MDiv, and Rabbi Andrew Sklarz

One of the facts of surviving a life threatening illness is that everything is different. Your body is changed, and your spiritual and religious outlook is forever changed. However, this “new normal” does not have to mean that everything is worse than before. “New” can sometimes be better. One of the secrets is finding ways to use the experience of illness to grow and be a better person than before.

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Can Faith Make You Well?

by Harold Koenig, MD

Can faith make you well? Although there are a few studies that suggest that people with cancer may have longer survival if they are actively religious, the research is by no means certain on this matter. Although you might not live any longer, a lot of research indicates that you might live better, that your quality of life may be higher, and that your sense of well-being may be greater. That doesn’t mean religious people who get cancer never get depressed, anxious, or suffer with their disease. It just means that everything else being equal, those with faith may do better overall.

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Finding Inner Peace in the War on Cancer

by Morry Edwards, PhD

We have often used military metaphors such as fight or battle to describe a person’s struggle against cancer. In 1971, President Richard Nixon declared a “War on Cancer,” which we are slowly winning with approximately 12 million cancer survivors living in America today.

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Spiritual Resources for the Healing Journey

by Steven Spidell, DMIN, BCC

More and more, cancer survivors are employing a holistic approach to overcoming their disease. While some people turn to Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurvedic medicine, or naturopathy, many more are drawing on complementary, spiritual practices to reach a total healing approach.

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