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Spiritual Care for Cancer Survivors

by Jamie Alexis Cohen, PsyD, and Rev. Susan P. Conrad, ACPE

A cancer diagnosis changes your life. Suddenly, you may find yourself on shifting sands, unsure if your feet will ever land on solid ground. When faced with the un­certainty and fear that this diagnosis can bring, you may wonder, “In whom, and in what, can I trust?” You may suddenly feel vulnerable, searching for sources of meaning, faith, connection, and belonging. A cancer diagnosis may shift your relationship with spirituality.

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Manage Your Stress with Meditation

by Alejandro Chaoul, PhD, and Kira Taniguchi, MA

These days, mindfulness is in. The hot topic even made the cover of Time magazine’s February 3, 2014, issue, and since then, more and more experts have been weighing in on the purported benefits of this practice.

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Healing Your Spirit

by Kava Schafer, MDIV, MA

Every day in my work as a hospital chaplain I meet with people who are living with cancer in ways that inspire me. Many of these folks tell me they cultivate spiritual well-being, even while dealing with a serious diagnosis or while facing treatment challenges. And yet, it is not at all unusual for these situations to bring survivors and their families to the existential brink.

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Tending to Your Spirit

by Michael Eselun, BCC

Merriam-Webster’s first defini­tion of the word heal is “to make sound or whole.” So when we talk about healing, we have to address all the components of our wholeness. Certainly, taking care of your physical well-being is a big part of that, but it’s not the whole picture. You also have to tend to your spirit.

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Meditating My Way through Treatment

by Janis L. Silverman, MA

When I learned that I had breast cancer, it felt like a blow to the gut, and to the heart. I was navigating uncharted waters – new doc­tors, unfamiliar medical terms, so many appointments. It was a lot to digest, but I was determined to remain positive. I had been using guided imagery medita­tion for years before my diag­nosis. But when I searched for meditations specific to my thoughts and feelings about breast cancer, I found nothing.

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by Vallory Jones

Pink is not cotton candy at the circus.
It is not nail polish on my toes.
Or bubblegum.
It is my destiny.
My future.
My journey.

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Nurturing Your Spirit

by Walter V. Moczynski, DMin

Living with cancer can be challenging. But the cancer journey can also be a time to explore new ways to nurture your spirit and find inner peace, courage, meaning, community, hope, and a broader view of life. For many people, spirituality is an important part of coping that brings a sense of wholeness and well-being in the midst of illness.

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Thriving Through Your Healing Journey

by Steven Spidell, DMin, BCC

Thriving with cancer, not just surviving, is becoming the goal of many cancer survivors. While accessing spiritual resources has mostly been an individual pursuit, help is coming from an unexpected source: the rapid rise of integrative and complementary medical approaches within the healthcare system.

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