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That’s the Way It Was

by John Ward

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One morning in the Springtime,
          just shortly after eight
The news was on, the coffee hot,
          and work would have to wait.
I felt so good that morning,
         as if nothing could go wrong
My little world was perfect,
          and I truly did belong.

When all at once it happened, in my world that was so fine
A terrible pain shot through my legs, and up into my spine.
Never have I felt such pain, and soon I came to know
That I must find a doctor quick, the pain began to grow.

Into my car and down the road, a doctor I must find
So to the ER I will go, to ease my worried mind.
At last I saw the entrance, and I struggled through the door
A nurse came by to save me just before I hit the floor.

I had three shots of something, and right now I don’t recall
But what it was made music, as they wheeled me down the hall.
They put me in some type of gown, before I went to bed
And then a doctor came around, to reach inside my head.

She asked a hundred questions, and soon other people came
They took my blood, they poked and probed, and each one asked my name.
They wanted to take pictures, but my mind was still a blank
I knew it was all over, when they put me in this tank.

I guess it was the next day that the doctor came around
To give me all the details of the tests that he had found.
“It’s Cancer,” were the only words that I had heard him say
The other words got lost somewhere, as I began to pray.

Several years have now gone by, how quickly they have passed
And every day that passes by, is better than the last.
“How is it,” they say to me, “that you have found such peace?
How can you live your happy life, and make such troubles cease?”

For me, I had to look inside, down deep inside of me
I had to find the strengths I owned, that others would agree
And then I had to share them all, the best way that I could
No longer would I look at me, but others as I should.

♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

John Ward is a prostate cancer survivor living in Woodland, WA.

This article was published in Coping® with Cancer magazine, November/December 2010.