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by Vallory Jones

Inspiration image

Pink is not cotton candy at the circus.
It is not nail polish on my toes.
Or bubblegum.
It is my destiny.
My future.
My journey.

Pink is not a rose on a bush.
It is not a baby piglet.
Or a giggle or grin.
It’s an ominous storm cloud
threatening to rain on me.

Pink is not a ribbon,
an emblem,
or a fad.
It’s a road taken.
A narrow path forced upon me.
An upside down, corkscrew
A life lesson.

Never in my wildest imagination
would I have painted myself pink,
yet I only find myself wishing now
    and again
that I was a pink balloon
floating across the sky,
abandoning my reality
in favor of another color.

♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

Vallory Jones is a breast cancer survivor and middle school English teacher living in Cedar Park, TX.

This article was published in Coping® with Cancer magazine, March/April 2013.