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A Letter To Jesus

by John Ward

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Dear Jesus,

I’m sending this letter to You because I’ve been thinking a lot about heaven lately, and I didn’t know where else to send it. I heard that You once said that we are never alone, and that You are always with us, so I believe that You will get this message.

I’m sure You know that I have lived here on earth for a long time, and in that time many issues have taken place, some good and some bad, some I am so proud of, and others I am too ashamed to admit. I know You are aware of everything that has taken place, and sometimes in my simple human mind, I wonder if You are making a list of all the good verses the bad. But that’s scary, until I realize that God is way beyond that misconception.

As we humans travel on our journey through life, we are sometimes stricken with some health issues that can be so devastating and debilitating that we wonder what awful thing we have done to bring about this punishment. I’m referring to the time that I was stricken with Guillain-Barre Syndrome, and the whole world was asking, “what’s that?” And what about the time the Dr. said,” John, you have cancer;” and several years later, “John, you are diabetic.” If I were not talking to You Lord, I would talk about scared, or about anxious, or even depression. And maybe in my weaker moments, I would even put the blame on You, Jesus. But quite soon after each setback, I found some precious gifts that You had given to me long ago; gifts that enabled me to rise far above the cancer; far above the diabetes.

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John Ward

You gave to me that precious gift of faith in You. You gave to me the intelligence to grow in my situation, and to use all of my issues in a positive and constructive manner. I realize these words may sound a little hollow Lord; overused and maybe meaningless. So please allow me to elaborate just a little. Remember when I was very young, my dad said my prayers with me at night, read me poems, and sent me to good schools to learn more about you? That was my great introduction to You, and from those early years, I grew in intelligence to know You, and to relate to You, and to depend on You. Sure, sometimes I failed miserably at what You wanted from me, but never did You leave me. Was it some of my health issues that eventually made me come to this realization? And wasn’t it intelligence that sent me on this path to speak with others about this mystery that I had solved?

Now, about heaven Lord: I truly believe that heaven is a place so beautiful, so very wonderful in every respect; that it is far beyond our imagination to grasp the reality of it. There will be no more worries, no more fear, no more sickness, nor pain. And what’s more; it will be forever and without end. I believe this to be so true, my Lord, and I beg of You to understand where I’m coming from when I ask You if I can stick around earth for a while longer. I truly don’t mean to be ungrateful for the place that You have prepared for me, but won’t I miss the ones I love so very much, and I’m very happy here for a while longer? Perhaps we’ll talk more about it later.

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