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Providing Free Websites for People with Cancer to Connect with Their Loved Ones

by Sona Mehring, CaringBridge Founder

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CaringBridge is driven by the need and desire to help anyone dealing with cancer or any other serious health event by connecting them with loved ones.

In 1997, my close friend endured a life-threatening pregnancy. To keep family and friends informed about her critical health situation, I created a website to provide updates. The site allowed family members to communicate information to a wide circle of people without disturbing the mother’s need for rest or placing additional demands on hospital staff.

Baby Brighid’s website instantly eased the burden of phone calls and time-consuming, emotional conversations. What I never anticipated – my “wow” moment – was the true connection felt by everyone who visited Brighid’s website. Those visitors left messages of love and support that were exactly what my friends needed in their incredibly difficult time. The transformation was striking; a simple website became a compassionate community, bringing hope and healing.

The same night that Brighid was born, CaringBridge was born. CaringBridge, a not-for-profit organization, solely focuses on connecting friends and family when health matters most.

Anyone affected by cancer can easily set up a unique, personal CaringBridge website. Users can select their website design and add health updates and photos to share their story, while visitors leave messages in a guestbook, creating a network of support for both the person with cancer and his or her caregivers.

Millions of people touched by cancer use CaringBridge, yet millions more need to know the profound help and support they can receive through CaringBridge.

I feel strongly that CaringBridge can help so many more people in need. Friends, neighbors, coworkers – our lives are filled with people who need to know how the connections made through CaringBridge provide the love and support needed during a difficult cancer journey.

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For more information about CaringBridge, or to create your free, personal CaringBridge website, visit, or call (651) 789-2300 to speak with a CaringBridge representative.

This article was published in Coping® with Cancer magazine, March/April 2011.