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Sarcoma Survivor Stories

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Healing the Greatest Wound

by Ella Strzepa

“OK,” I said to myself as I took one more glance at the prosthesis that was lying on my bed. “It’s just another chal­lenge; I’ll be fine,” I thought. Then I picked up my crutches, shoulder bag, and keys and left the apartment. It was supposed to be my first day back at work after taking a week-long vacation to celebrate my 30th birthday, settle into my new apartment, and let the wound on my stomach caused by the prosthetic socket heal.

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Now I’m in Your Corner

by Becki Brown

When a malignant tumor is found on your 10th birth­day, you have few stories to share about your life before “the big C.” As a fourth grader, I enjoyed play­ing outside with my friends and battling my little brother in video games. But that changed when my parents explained to me on a cold November evening that I had osteosarcoma (a type of bone cancer) of the rib.

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Ten Years of Learning

by Heather Hall

I celebrate a milestone this year. It is my 10-year anniversary. Not one I share with a particular man. It is mine alone to revel in. I celebrate a decade as a cancer survivor. Ten years ago, I finished a wickedly aggressive treatment for bone cancer, traded my femur and knee for titanium, and started on a very different course from the one I planned after my recent college graduation.

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