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Colorectal Cancer Survivor Stories

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Everything I Learned about Life after Cancer,
I Learned from a Flight Attendant

by Ursula Daiber

My cancer journey began a week before Christmas 2003 and took my family, my friends, and me by complete surprise. There were no real symptoms. A little blood here, some bouts of diarrhea there. It wasn’t until I couldn’t use the bathroom for five days in a row, a first for me, that I knew I better see a doctor. An emergency colonoscopy was scheduled, and the next day it was determined that I had a large cancerous tumor in my rectum, only 3 cm from entry.

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The Power of Ten

by Suzanne Lindley

I’ve focused so much of my life around this time that I’ve not looked much past it. Now it is time for me to create new plans. The first new milestone has come, as September marked my ten year anniversary with colon cancer.

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Waiting All of My Life

by Theodore R. Westfall

The nagging pain had been distracting me for over a week. Laura, sitting next to me, had been distracting me much longer. When we arrived back to my apartment, I winced as the nagging pain worsened. Laura urged me to see a doctor as soon as possible. A colonoscopy confirmed that a large polyp had penetrated the intestinal wall. I learned that it had been there for possibly ten years. I was diagnosed with Stage III colon cancer.

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