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Colorectal Cancer Survivor Stories

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I’m Not Dead Yet

by Ann Rein

Katie Suss, who is 15 and has a nice voice and a long history of theatrical camps, said I needed a theme song and she had just the one for me: “I’m Not Dead Yet” from Spamalot.

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by Sylvia Solomon

Cancer has taught me to be free
To count my blessings and
Don’t worry about tomorrow
Tomorrow will take care of itself.

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Living with Colon Cancer

by Judy Nemes

Sigmoidoscopy, the detector,
I, the observer
And protector
Of this body
We live in.

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On the Other Side of the Diagnosis

by Mary-Jo Murphy, MS, RN, CDE

“I am a nurse,” I say to the surgeon, as if that explains that he can be differ­ent with me, less guarded, more frank. I’m trying to tell him, I will understand your jargon. Skip the euphemisms. In fact, I will be alert for anything that smacks of not telling the whole truth.

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Facing Cancer Together

by Laura Shipp

Country music’s Charlie and Nan Kelley faced the toughest year of their lives when they were each diagnosed with cancer within months of each other.

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Now That I Have Cancer...

by John Robert McFarland

I have nauseated days and frightened days. Tired days and hurting days. Long days and short days. Silent days and alone days. Sore mouth days and swollen hand days. Bald days and diarrhea days. Rainy days and sunny days. Cold days and warm days. But no bad days.

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A Lesson in Courage

by Laura Shipp

On November 24, 1985, Jackie Pflug’s life was changed forever. When she woke up that morning, little did she know that a weekend trip to Greece would put her in the middle of a deadly terrorist attack. Jackie was a passenger on Egypt Air Flight 648. Her plane was hijacked just ten minutes into the flight. The hijackers soon began shooting hostages. Jackie was shot execution-style in the head and left for dead on the tarmac.

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by Ann Favreau

I look out the window and contemplate the wonder of two women, cancer survivors, living life to the full on a trip to see the wonders of the ancient world in Egypt, yet taking time to share personal stories and find joy amidst adversity.

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