Breast Cancer Survivor Stories

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I Had Cancer on My Wedding Day

by Crystal Brown-Tatum

As I flip through my wedding album, all of the details are a blur. I don’t notice the flowers or the detailed cake. What I cherish is the genuine smile on my face that reflects the love in my heart for so many things. Dazzling in my strapless wedding gown, little did I know I had breast cancer. Ironic isn’t it? I look so happy while cancer was dwelling inside me.

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When Chemo Brain Follows You Home

by Beth Leibson

We sat on comfy sofas talking about fainting. Passing out was frightening, embarrassing, and seemingly inevitable. Someone was listing the various places we, as a cancer support group, had lost consciousness: the workplace, the schoolyard, on the way home from chemotherapy.

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Battling Breast Cancer the SECOND Time Around

by Lisa Boccard

In 2003, I was diagnosed a second time with breast cancer. But this time, it was metastatic breast cancer. After eleven years of surviving Stage III breast cancer, I found myself once again fighting for my life. This time around is much different than the first time – I will be treated for this disease for the rest of my life.

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It’s Not So Bad - You Are a Survivor

by Patricia A. Bauer

The waiting room is comprised of one small loveseat in a brightly flowered pattern. Two straight-back chairs of an anemic maroon color join a small, generic lamp that claims a small space on the magazine-laden table. Although a magazine wall-holder clings to the wall, it is empty. A square mirror that is desperately crying out for a squirt of glass cleaner is suspended above the table. This completes my first vision of the waiting room I would soon come to know very well.

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My Cancer Philosophy

by Liora Hess

In the spring of 2007, about a month before my 39th birthday, my reading shifted to spiritual topics. I started meditating daily and began a serious effort to de-clutter my home and simplify my life. Looking back now, I see that I was anticipating something, though I didn’t know it at the time.

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by Patricia Bateson

The date October 8, 2003, will be etched in my heart forever, for it was this glorious day that my life would be transformed in miraculous ways. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in July 2003, and I experienced shock, anger, and fear, like many newly diagnosed cancer survivors. Once I grappled with these emotions, I attempted to take control of my life, or at least I thought I did. My goal was to complete my treatments as soon as possible so I could return to my career.

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Why Wait? Live Your Life Now!

by Dawn Sesto

The radioactive tracer substance was injected into my veins. Now I had three hours to wait until the bone scan to see if breast cancer had spread to my bones. As I sat waiting, thinking about the “what ifs,” I was both numb and restless. I’ve been here before; I’m a two and a half year breast cancer survivor.

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If Cancer Was a Gift

by Laura Parisi King, LMSW

It is absolutely maddening to me when people say that cancer is a blessing or a gift. “It wasn’t until I got cancer that I started to live my life,” they say. “I didn’t realize how wonderful my life was until I got cancer.” “After going through treatments for my cancer, I learned to meditate and started to take yoga classes.” “It’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me.” ARGHHH!

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