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Breast Cancer Information

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Genetic Markers Linked To the Development of Lymphedema in Breast Cancer Survivors

A new University of California San Francisco (UCSF) study has found a clear association between certain genes and the development of lymphedema, a painful and chronic condition that often occurs after breast cancer surgery and some other cancer treatments. The researchers also learned that the risks of developing lymphedema increased significantly for women who had more advanced breast cancer at the time of diagnosis, more lymph nodes removed or a significantly higher body mass index.

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Meeting the Challenges of Breast Cancer as a Young Woman

Young women facing the challenges of breast cancer deserve to live full and meaningful lives. You have many options for making your life the best it can be. Regardless of your stage, the treatment you endured, or where you are in your breast cancer experience, you can and should strive for your highest quality of life. That will mean something different to every young woman. We all experience breast cancer differently and value different things in our lives. Circumstances change, too, and achieving your best life might mean different things on different days and might call for different approaches.

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Breast Cancer & Your Emotional Well-Being

by Linda Sutton, MD

The moment you’re diagnosed with breast cancer, your life is irrevocably changed. Regard­less of your prognosis, you know that you will never again be someone who hasn’t had cancer. Some people find this burden overwhelming, particularly in the early days just after diagnosis. However, others are able to turn the experience around, growing and blos­soming on their journey rather than being weighed down. What makes the difference?

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Lymphoseek Approved to Help Locate Lymph Nodes in Patients with Certain Cancers

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved Lymphoseek Injection, a radioactive diagnostic imaging agent that helps doctors locate lymph nodes in patients with breast cancer or melanoma who are undergoing surgery to remove tumor-draining lymph nodes.

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New Treatment for Late-stage Breast Cancer

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved Kadcyla (ado-trastuzumab emtansine), a new therapy for patients with HER2-positive, late-stage (metastatic) breast cancer. Kadcyla is intended for patients who were previously treated with trastuzumab, another anti-HER2 therapy, and taxanes, a class of chemotherapy drugs commonly used for the treatment of breast cancer.

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If Breast Cancer Comes Back

If breast cancer comes back, it may return in the same place. This is called a recurrence, because it is not a new cancer. But a recurrence can also appear in a place not directly related to the first breast cancer. This is called a metastasis, and if cancer is detected in several areas, these are called metastases.

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Highlights of the 2012 Breast Cancer Symposium

New studies on breast cancer screening, treatment, and survival were presented at the 2012 Breast Cancer Symposium held September 13-15, 2012, in San Francisco, California.

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High-quality Personal Relationships Improve Survival in Women with Breast Cancer

The quality of a woman’s social networks — the personal relationships that surround an individual — appears to be just as important as the size of her networks in predicting breast cancer survival, Kaiser Permanente scientists report in the current issue of Breast Cancer Research and Treatment.

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