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Navigating the Road to Recovery

After Prostate Cancer Treatment


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Recovery from prostate cancer treatment is different for everyone. Once you have selected your treatment option, talk with other prostate cancer survivors who can help you understand what you can expect during your recovery process. Remember to include physician specialists, supportive family members, and friends who can provide various levels of support during your treatment and recovery.

Setting Your Expectations
For each treatment, recovery can vary in length. For those on hormone therapy, for example, treatment will extend for months or years, often intermittently. Knowing what to anticipate can help you manage your expectations.

You might feel tired, weak, and uncomfortable. There are medications that can be prescribed and pain management techniques that can be explained to help you get through pain or discomfort. As your needs during recovery change, so might your healthcare team need to be changed.

Staying connected with those who have been there, who are there, and who understand will help you live a full and balanced life.

Once you have an estimated time for your treatment and recovery, alert your employer as to what changes, if any, or time-off arrangements you’ll need to make to ensure you have time to devote to your care.

It may not be an easy road, but you are never alone. As you progress along your journey, the need for multiple interventions may affect your recovery time. You may need to adjust your support team from time to time to ensure your needs are met.

Living with Prostate Cancer
Many men are experiencing a full life and living well with prostate cancer, even though life may be quite different from before. Recognize that your life may have changed because of your prostate cancer.

Many men find it helpful to their recovery and deeply rewarding to give support to others, just as they may have received support. Men have said that other survivors who were total strangers often provided valuable perspectives during their diagnosis, treatment, and recovery. Staying connected with those who have been there, who are there, and who understand will help you live a full and balanced life. You can help others in the same way.

You Can Fight Back
You are now equipped with the information you need to take your first steps toward treatment and recovery. You can live with prostate cancer. Seek out other men who have been treated for this disease. They can provide a wealth of information and support as you travel on your own treatment path.

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Giving back is another way of fighting back against prostate cancer. Consider volunteering your time offering other prostate cancer survivors the patience, strength, and endurance you received along the way. For more information on how you can get more involved, call 1-800-80-UsTOO or visit

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This article was published in Coping® with Cancer magazine, September/October 2012.