National Cancer Survivors Day

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Fox Business Network’s
Gerri Willis
The Bottom Line Is She’s a Breast Cancer Survivor

“Do you mean I have breast cancer?” Fox Business Network anchor Gerri Willis recalls saying in disbelief during a phone conversation with her primary care physician on April 28, 2016 – the day she was diag­nosed with lobular breast cancer. While promoting her most recent book, Rich Is Not a Four-Letter Word, Gerri had felt something abnormal in her right breast and scheduled an appointment with her doctor, who immediately sent her for testing.

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Gerri Willis

"Even though I knew something was not right, even though I had been in for major testing … I still had trouble accepting that diagnosis.” – Gerri Willis

(Photo by FOX Business Network)

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Just Got Diagnosed?
How to Find Your Footing

As a therapist who specializes in working with people facing a serious medical diagnosis, including cancer, I see many people come into my office struggling with their emotional reac­tions to their diagnosis and what it will mean for their lives. We talk about their fears and hopes about treatment, as well as all those strange and uncom­fortable feelings that keep bubbling up. And we talk about what a cancer diagnosis means for their future. This is what I tell them.

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Wellness image

How Practicing Yoga Helped Me Recover from Cancer
... and how it can help you too

When I was diagnosed with stage II breast cancer on January 12, 2010, my life changed forever. At the time, I’d been practicing yoga for fifteen years and teaching for four. As a yoga instructor, I already understood the incredible ben­efits of yoga for the body, mind, and spirit. But navigating through cancer treatment showed me just how much yoga could help me stay resilient.

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Photo by Cancer Type

Multiple Myeloma
Making the Most of Your Medical Appointments

Your oncologist, nurses, and other members of your healthcare team work together to treat your multiple myeloma. Since medical ap­pointments are the main time you will interact with your team, being as pre­pared as possible for these visits is important.Here are some things you can do to pre­pare for your medical appointments.

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Cancer and Fertility in Men

The American Cancer Society estimates that by January 2024 there will be more than 9.3 mil­lion men living with cancer in the United States. One of the most significant side effects fac­ing male cancer survivors is damage to the reproductive system, which may lead to a reduced ability or inability to have children.

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Just Move
A Step-by-Step Approach to Physical Fitness for Cancer Survivors

As a medical doctor specializ­ing in cancer rehabilitation, I often find myself echoing a common refrain to those around me: just move. Inactivity has both a direct and an indirect effect on our health and func­tion. Historically, we, as a society and as medical professionals, have often underestimated the effects of inactivity. Over the past several years, a shift in thinking has begun.

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Survivor of the Week

Survivor Photo

The Power of the Journey

by Mary Sand

Seven miles outside of Grand Forks, North Dakota, on I-29 South, is a billboard, advertising a state college, that says “The Power of the Journey.” I noticed it last July on my first visit to the Roger Maris Cancer Center in Fargo. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve passed by it since then. All I know is those words have made a lasting impact. Whenever I see that billboard, I’m reminded that I’m on a journey; it’s powerful, and it’s going to be long.

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