National Cancer Survivors Day

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Kelly Tough
NFL Hall of Famer Jim Kelly Takes Down Head & Neck Cancer

NFL Hall of Famer Jim Kelly is known as one of the top quar­terbacks in the history of professional football. He played for the Buffalo Bills for 11 remarkable seasons, leading the squad to the playoffs eight times and tabbing four consecutive Super Bowl appearances from 1991 to 1994. During his career, the Bills were one of the most successful teams in the NFL, boasting a dangerous offense led by Jim himself.

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Jim Kelly
“You go through tough times in your life, everybody does, but it’s the attitude you have and the will to keep fighting through the difficult times.”

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Making Sure the Kids Are All Right
How to Help Your Children Adjust to a Loved One’s Cancer Diagnosis

Children are super resilient. They are amazing beings with their own thoughts, feelings, experi­ences, ways of coping, and support systems. With that said, however, most parents have a strong and instinctive desire to protect their children, espe­cially from hearing the words, “I have cancer.”

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The Latest in Cancer Research from the American Society of Clinical Oncology

ASCO represents more than 40,000 oncology professionals who care for people living with cancer. Read the highlights from these Symposia.

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How to be a Friend to Someone with Cancer

“Hi, friend. I wanted to let you know I have some bad news. I have cancer.”
This moment has the potential to change everything, even between the closest of friends, as the lis­tener struggles with what to say or do next. But it shouldn’t.

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Photo by Cancer Type

Supportive Care for Lung Cancer Survivors

Advances in early detection and the development of new treatment options have increased survival rates for people with lung cancer over the last decade. However, many of these improvements are associated with long-term side effects. Advances in sup­portive care have changed the cancer experience for many people. Sup­portive care is a valuable part of the success of treat­ment and helps to provide positive outcomes.

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The Power of Acceptance

In October 2011, I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Despite the encouraging biopsy results that indicated a slow-growing, early-stage cancer, I chose to listen to my intuition and insisted that my doctors remove my prostate immediately. It’s a good thing they did because the post-surgery tissue studies showed that the cancer was extremely aggressive.

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Survivor of the Week

Survivor Photo

When Life Gives You Cancer,
Find the Celebration

by Shannon Doan-Duff

Only 11 weeks after my dad was diagnosed with advanced colon cancer, I too became a member of the cancer club. I had melanoma. My family went from being a “normal” family (normal being relative for those who know us) to a family living with cancer. Living, though, took on an entirely different meaning after cancer entered the picture.

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