National Cancer Survivors Day

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Kelly Tough
NFL Hall of Famer Jim Kelly Takes Down Head & Neck Cancer

NFL Hall of Famer Jim Kelly is known as one of the top quar­terbacks in the history of professional football. He played for the Buffalo Bills for 11 remarkable seasons, leading the squad to the playoffs eight times and tabbing four consecutive Super Bowl appearances from 1991 to 1994. During his career, the Bills were one of the most successful teams in the NFL, boasting a dangerous offense led by Jim himself.

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Jim Kelly
“You go through tough times in your life, everybody does, but it’s the attitude you have and the will to keep fighting through the difficult times.”

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Secrets to a Good Night’s Sleep for Cancer Survivors

Sleep is a basic physiologic need, as important as food and air to our health and wellbeing. However, when you have been diagnosed with cancer, sleeping well can become more difficult. According to the National Cancer Institute, over half of all people diagnosed with cancer complain of difficulty sleeping at some point during or after treatment.

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Photo by Cancer Type

What is Multiple Myeloma?
And How Is It Diagnosed?

Multiple myeloma is a blood cancer that starts in the plasma cells of bone marrow. Myeloma is different from bone cancer because it begins in the white blood cells, not in the bone. Though the words sound sim­ilar, myeloma is also not melanoma, which is a cancer of the skin.

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When Your Child Has Cancer

You wake up. You only have a second before reality punches you in the gut. The tears begin to fall. Soon they are streaming down your face. But you fight them off. You must be strong. You tell yourself that everything will be OK.

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Prostate Cancer Image

Get Help for the Sexual Side Effects of Prostate Cancer Treatment

Men diagnosed with prostate cancer often want to know, “How will cancer affect my sex life?” Although beating cancer is certainly the first concern, many men with prostate cancer do factor in sexual side effects as they weigh their prostate cancer treatment options. Sexuality is an important part of everyone’s identity, and the threat of losing it is a worry for many men and their partners. Natu­rally, couples want to learn how they can protect it.

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Get Your Digestive Tract
Back on Track
Tips for Coping with Cancer-Related Gastrointestinal Complications

No matter what type of cancer treatment you receive – radiation, chemotherapy, or surgery – all of them pose potential side effects. And some of the most common side effects involve the gastro­intestinal tract, also called the digestive tract. Cancer treatment can affect your body’s ability to absorb food, and can cause disruptive gastrointestinal issues. These gastrointestinal complications may include nausea and vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, and sore mouth.

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Survivor of the Week

Survivor Photo

After Cancer,
Discovering the Life
I Was Meant to Live

by Amelia Frahm

“You’ll get over it, and one day you’ll wake up in the morning, and cancer won’t be the first thing you think about,” said the woman on the phone.

“Lady, I’m not ever getting over this!” I thought to myself.

Cancer is no longer the first thing that comes to my mind upon waking, but it likes to remind me that it could be.

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