National Cancer Survivors Day

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Taboo of
The Black Eyed Peas
Speaks Out about His Fight with Testicular Cancer

Born Jimmy Luis Gomez, Taboo is best known as the longhaired rapper/dancer from the multi­platinum pop group The Black Eyed Peas. With more than 75 million records sold – not to mention six Grammy Awards – The Black Eyed Peas are one of the world’s best-selling pop groups. Taboo has contributed to pop hits like “Boom Boom Pow,” “Where Is the Love?” and “I Gotta Feeling.”

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“I’m a warrior.
I’m a champion.
I’m a Fighter.
I’m not givin’ in.”
      – Taboo, “The Fight”

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In Sickness and in Health
Facing Cancer Together as a Couple

While a cancer diag­nosis is given to just one person, it can have a ripple effect on everyone who cares about that person. For many cou­ples, the challenges that accompany cancer diagno­sis, treatment, and recovery can be difficult and long lasting. The words “in sick­ness and in health” take on an entirely new meaning when cancer enters the relationship.

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Write to Heal
Expressive Writing for Adults with Cancer

Convincing people with cancer to write about their thoughts and feelings as a coping strategy can be a hard sell. From that first elementary school essay, for many people, writing means dead­lines, criticism, comparison, rejection. “I can’t write,” they say. “I’m not a writer. No thanks.”

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Where Can I Go for Cancer Rehabilitation?

There are more than 15.5 million cancer survivors in the United States. This number will increase to an estimated 20 million by the year 2026. Greater than half of these survi­vors will experience complications of cancer and its treatment, which can profoundly affect their function and quality of life. Moreover, finding rehabilitation services to help improve function and quality of life after cancer can be a challenge for many survivors.

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What Do I Tell the Kids?

If you’re facing the challenge of parenting with cancer, you’re not alone – many cancer survi­vors have children under the age of 18. A cancer diagnosis can be difficult, but talking with your children about it may seem equally challenging or even more difficult.

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When Cancer Calls into Question Everything You Thought You Knew

Most of us walk through our lives feeling so certain of what we hold to be true; then along comes a crisis – like cancer – and sud­denly all bets are off. But I’m a good person, so God will heal me… God doesn’t give us any more than we can handle… If you haven’t said such platitudes to yourself, you’ve undoubtedly heard them countless times from others. While these statements of faith may have seemed true at another time and place, right now, in these cir­cumstances, they just fall flat.

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Survivor of the Week

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Finding My Cancer Lifeline

by Roberta Aberle

Cancer has always been a con­stant in my family. Even from an early age, I’ve always known I was at risk. Several uncles and aunts, as well as three of my grandparents, lost their lives to cancer. When a few cousins were diagnosed, my fears increased. I began doing everything I could to mitigate my risks – eating the right foods, exercising regularly, avoiding toxins, and just taking care of myself.

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