National Cancer Survivors Day

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Celebrity Interviews

Celebrities share their experiences with Coping®. Read our exclusive personal interviews with celebrities, including actors, politicians, and sports figures.


This section includes information to help Cancer Survivors and their Caregivers make treatment decisions and manage some of the issues they may encounter during treatment and recovery.


Cancer Survivors need every physical and mental advantage available. This section includes advice from other Cancer Survivors, Caregivers and Medical Professionals to help gain that advantage.


Other Cancer Survivors, Caregivers and Medical Professionals are often just the ones to share a kind word, an amusing thought, inspiration through art and music, or the tips for coping that are included in this section.


Sorting out the many resources for help and information can be an overwhelming task. This section organizes cancer resources into categories that are easy to use.

About Coping

The staff at Coping With Cancer website and magazine is dedicated to providing knowledge, hope, and inspiration to the international cancer community. Learn more about us and send us your stories, press releases, and suggestions.

Types of Cancer

Cancer information is often specific by cancer type. Each link below includes information for that type of cancer.

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