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Coping® with Cancer Magazine
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March/April 2016   *  Volume 30   *  Issue 2

An independent publication written by and for
the national cancer community

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6 On the Cover: ESPN Reporter and Cancer Survivor Shelley Smith Shares Her Story
Shelley Smith made headlines when she returned to TV completely bald after chemotherapy. Here’s what she has to say about the rest of her battle with cancer.

8 Take Control of Worry
Even the most resilient individuals can give in to worry when faced with cancer. Here’s how to take back control.

12 After Cancer, Looking Forward Gratefully
When cancer happened, Dr. Amy Lynn Dee decided to fight back with trust, boldness, and – yes – gratitude.

14 Together Against Cancer
In the fight against cancer, the quality of your relationship matters.

17 Answers to Your Questions about Lung Cancer
What are my treatment choices? How long will my treatment last? What is immunotherapy? Get answers to these questions and more.

21 Ellen Britton – My Happy Cancer Story
Yes, you read that right. That’s what renowned musician Ellen Britton calls her brush with colon cancer.

24 Depression: The Unwelcome Guest
Living with cancer is difficult, but that doesn’t mean you have to live with depression too. Help is available.






25 When Words Heal
Writing your cancer story

30 Eat Well. Be Well.
Choosing healthy eating during cancer treatment and beyond

32 Tips for Preventing Infection during Chemotherapy

34 The Language of Commitment: What Being There Really Means
How to keep your word by using the right words to begin with

36 Men, Cancer, and Sexual Health
A healthy sex life after cancer should be part of your full recovery.

40 How Walking a Labyrinth Helped Me to Heal after Cancer
Plus, how you can discover the healing power of the labyrinth for yourself

41 Ways to Help Your Child Cope with Cancer in the Family

42 Pro Football Hall of Famer Troy Aikman Gets Personal about Melanoma
For NFL quarterback turned cancer advocate Troy Aikman, melanoma is personal. He’s a survivor.


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