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November/December 2017   *  Volume 31   *  Issue 6

An independent publication written by and for
the national cancer community

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6 On the Cover: Daniel Jacobs – The ‘Miracle Man’ Knocks Out Cancer in the Fight of His Life
The road to becoming the first cancer survivor to win a world boxing title wasn’t easy, but they don’t call him the “Miracle Man” for nothing.

8 Frequently Asked Questions about Cancer-Related Fatigue

10 When Cancer Happens, Does It Take Courage to Hope?
Hope is available, but you must choose it.

11 Caring for Your Loved One with Lung Cancer

16 Metastatic Breast Cancer: Your Questions Answered
A diagnosis of metastatic breast cancer can be frightening, and you may have many questions. Here are some answers.

17 Cancer, the Flu, & You

18 How to Handle Difficult Emotions After a Cancer Diagnosis
Confused? Angry? Sad? Whatever you’re feeling, these five tips can help you cope.

21 Yoga May Boost Physical and Mental Health of People with Advanced Lung Cancer, and Their Caregivers

26 Beating Cancer One Bite at a Time
Tips for getting the nutrition you need during cancer treatment






28 Getting Your Groove Back
Rediscovering intimacy and sexuality after cancer diagnosis

31 Diagnosis: Multiple Myeloma
Know the symptoms and what factors affect your prognosis and treatment.

36 Is Breast Cancer in Your Genes?
What you should know about hereditary breast cancer and genetic testing

38 The Man I Love Has Cancer
With my own cancer treatment in the rearview mirror, I thought I would just know how to help him …

40 Say What?
Hearing problems are an unexpected side effect of cancer treatment.

45 Learning to Advocate for Yourself to Get the Support Your Need through Cancer

44 Finding Holiday Joy While Coping with Cancer
How to keep the joy and lose the stress this holiday season

48 Let’s Get Physical
A look at exercise as a key component in cancer recovery

50 Healing Through Writing


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Reflections 39
FDA Update 30
Cancer Survivors Guide 51

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