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Coping® with Cancer Magazine
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July/August 2015   *  Volume 29  *  Issue 4

An independent publication written by and for
the national cancer community

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28 On the Cover: Celebrating National Cancer Survivors Day®
Cancer survivors and supporters worldwide gather for the 28th annual NCSD celebration.

6 Adopting a New Normal after Cancer
Many survivors are reluctant to adopt a new normal after cancer; they just want their old life back. However, some lifestyle modifications are necessary.

8 Embracing Survivorship
After breast cancer, the transition from active treatment to survivorship isn’t always easy. Here are some tips to help you settle in to your post-cancer life.

10 My Parent Has Cancer
Ten tips for teens coping with a parent’s cancer

11 Get the Facts on Myelofibrosis

15 Coping with the Cognitive Side Effects of Cancer
With the right tools, you can reduce the impact chemo brain has on your daily life.

16 How to Build a Deeper Intimacy
Reconnect with your partner and enhance your sexual connection.

18 A Transformative Moment for Cancer Research
An annual progress report from the director of the National Cancer Institute, Dr. Douglas Lowy



20 What Can Cancer Rehabilitation Do for Me?
It’s never too late to start feeling better and get back to living your life. Cancer rehabilitation can help.

23 On the Job Hunt after Cancer
Expert tips for job search success from a professional career coach

24 Develop a Cancer Conqueror’s Mindset
You have the ability to shift your perception of any situation.

26 Your Relationship When Treatment Ends
Cancer has dominated your relationship for months – maybe years – and now you must figure out how to adjust to a life that no longer revolves around cancer.

27 Writing Your Cancer Journey
Healing writing can be a powerful tool in cancer recovery.

34 Spiritual Care for Cancer Survivors
Tapping into your spirituality can boost your sense of well-being during this challenging time.


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