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Coping® with Cancer Magazine
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January/February 2015   *  Volume 29  *  Issue 1

An independent publication written by and for
the national cancer community

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4 On the Cover: TLC’s The Little Couple Star Dr. Jennifer Arnold’s On-Camera Cancer Battle
Diagnosed with a rare cancer while filming the sixth season of TLC’s hit reality show, Jen shares why she decided to keep the cameras rolling.

6 The Grief and Mourning of Cancer
Grief is a normal and necessary response to loss. You just need to find ways to express it.

9 Getting the Psychosocial Support You Need to Get through Cancer
Rather than trying to manage your difficult emotions on your own, consider asking for help.

10 How Cancer Treatment Affects Your Skin and Nails
While skin and nail changes are usually minor, you should know how to deal with them to reduce the risk of more serious problems.

12 Forgiveness Is within Your Reach
Whether you need to forgive yourself or someone else, here are some things you can do to set yourself on the path to forgiveness.

14 Beauty Is in the Eye of the Beholder
A young cancer survivor shares the lesson she learned from being bald.

16 Fight Fatigue. Feel Better.
Six strategies for dealing with cancer-related exhaustion



17 Serving Up Tips for Regaining a Lost Appetite
Check out these suggestions to help you get the nutrition you need during treatment.

18 When Cancer Pain and Chronic Pain Coexist
What you need to know to achieve safe and effective pain relief

19 Ready to Get Back to Work?
Taking these steps may help ease your transition back into the workforce.

20 Massage Therapy for Cancer Survivors
This valuable complementary therapy promotes relaxation and relieves stress.

22 Is Fatherhood in Your Future?
Here are the facts on male fertility preservation.

24 Managing Cancer’s Impact on Your Relationships
Cancer affects not only your life but also the lives of those around you.

28 Build Your Best Defense against Infection
Basic hygiene practices can help you avoid infections when your immune system is weakened by chemotherapy.


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