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September/October 2014  *  Volume 28  *  Issue 5

An independent publication written by and for
the national cancer community

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6 On the Cover: For Better or For Worse
Denise and Alan Jackson open up about surviving cancer as a couple.

8 Leaving Fear and Uncertainty Behind
Adopt a plan for embracing new choices and opportunities so you can take full advantage of your life after cancer.

10 The Hidden Scars of Breast Cancer
The scars you can’t see are often the hardest to heal.

12 Let the Music Heal You
A look at music therapy and its benefits for cancer survivors

13 What Happens after Treatment for Prostate Cancer?

17 Put Yourself on the Path to Better Posture after Cancer Surgery
Not standing as tall as you used to? The good news is stretching and strengthening exercises can help correct most posture issues.

18 When the Diagnosis is Triple-Negative Breast Cancer
Here’s what women facing treatment for this type of breast cancer should know.

20 Be Your Own Best Advocate
What you can do to get the support you need after a cancer diagnosis

21 Feeling Worn Down by Cancer-Related Fatigue?
If so, here are some tips for reclaiming your energy.


22 Diagnosis: Kidney Cancer
This kidney cancer overview can help you make sense of your treatment options.

24 Breast Cancer Survivors Speak Out
Five brave women share some of the insights they gained from their cancer journeys.

26 The Story of the Stomachless Chef
After losing his stomach to gastric cancer, renowned chef Hans Rueffert discovered the significance of living – and eating – like there’s no tomorrow.

27 Still Struggling with Post-Cancer Loneliness?
A cancer survivor shares the simple secret to putting it behind you.

28 Spiritual Resources for the Healing Journey
As you cope with the physical and emotional challenges of cancer, don’t forget the importance of nurturing your spirit.

30 Fix It with Food
Nutritional approaches to coping with cancer-related gastrointestinal complications

32 Exercise for Prostate Cancer Survivors
Learn how to get into an exercise routine and stick with it.


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