National Cancer Survivors Day

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September/October 2017   *  Volume 31   *  Issue 5

An independent publication written by and for
the national cancer community

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6 On the Cover: Fox Business Network’s
Gerri Willis

The bottom line is she’s a breast cancer survivor – and she’s sharing how she handled cancer, hair loss, and the “Red Devil” of chemotherapy.

8 Facing the Fear of Cancer Recurrence
A closer look at what triggers it and what you can do about it

10 Writing Your Way Through Cancer
Journaling is more than just keeping a diary. It can be a therapeutic outlet during treatment and beyond.

11 Essential Factors to Consider When Making Lung Cancer Treatment Decisions

15 Dual Diagnosis: What to Do When You Have Diabetes and Cancer
For a person with diabetes, cancer and certain treatments can affect diabetes control.

18 Just Got Diagnosed? How to Find Your Footing
A cancer diagnosis can feel like a punch in the gut. Discover how you can manage your emotions and get back on your feet.

21 What Is Primary Myelofibrosis?

25 Get Up. Get Motivated. Get Active.
Advice from a cancer exercise specialist on how to stay active during and after cancer treatment






26 Taking Steps to Prevent Falls
Cancer survivors of any age are at risk of falls.

30 Protect Yourself from Infection
People with cancer may be at increased risk for infections. But there are things you can do to safeguard yourself.

32 How to Rock Cancer Caregiving

35 Multiple Myeloma
Getting care for symptoms & side effects

40 Four Ingredients For Staying Well Nourished During Cancer Treatment

42 What Happens When You Have a Mental Health Disorder and Are Diagnosed with Cancer
Depression and other mental health problems can affect your ability to make treatment decisions.

44 Put Down That Cigarette and Read This
Steps for quitting tobacco after a cancer diagnosis

48 On Becoming a Gastrointestinal Cancer Survivor
A few things to consider as you navigate the transition from active treatment to long-term survivorship


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