National Cancer Survivors Day

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Table of Contents

May/June 2017   *  Volume 31   *  Issue 3

An independent publication written by and for
the national cancer community

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8 On the Cover: Talking Bladder Cancer with Marilu Henner & Husband, Michael Brown
Marilu and Michael open up about his bladder cancer, her role as caregiver, and how to talk frankly about the disease.

6 Cancer Got Your Appetite?
Try these simple tricks for getting the nutrition you need during treatment.

11 What is Polycythemia Vera?

14 Tackling Cancer-Related Fatigue
Fatigue is one of the most common side effects cancer survivors face, both during treatment and after treatment ends.

16 Collateral Damage – How Cancer Treatment Affects Your Skin & Nails

18 Sean Swarner: Defying the Odds
For two-time cancer survivor Sean Swarner, nothing’s impossible. Not even the Explorers Grand Slam.

26 Grief – Can Anything Good Come of It?
Grief can be the catalyst of selfdestruction – or it can be a springboard for self-improvement. You have the power to choose.

28 Understanding Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Treatment

34 Four Things Every Survivor Should Know about Cancer
Rehabilitation Number 2 – You should get started as soon as possible.






36 Conquering Cancer Cachexia
Take heed: Cachexia – or wasting syndrome – can affect your ability to complete treatment.

39 Nourishing Your Emotional Health during Breast Cancer
When coping with breast cancer, your emotional health needs as much care and attention as your physical health.

43 Feeling Anxious? Depressed?
You’re not alone. Mood and anxiety disorders are common among cancer survivors.

44 The 5 Rules of Cancer Caregiving
Rule #1: No, you really don’t have to do it all.

46 When Cancer Comes Calling: Gratitude As a Source of Meaning, Hope, & Strength
How to cultivate an attitude of gratitude – in any circumstance.

48 Sexuality & the Woman with Cancer
With a little help, you can reclaim your sexuality after cancer.

50 Express Yourself
Tools for communicating your needs and emotions after a cancer diagnosis


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