National Cancer Survivors Day

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July/August 2016   *  Volume 30   *  Issue 4

An independent publication written by and for
the national cancer community

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28 On the Cover: Celebrating National Cancer Survivors Day®
Survivors and supporters worldwide gather for the 29th annual NCSD celebration.

5 Feeling Fatigued?
Strategies to help cancer survivors cope with exhaustion

6 Inspiration and Progress: Our National Commitment to Defeat Cancer
An annual progress report from the acting director of the National Cancer Institute, Dr. Douglas Lowy

11 Food for Life
Take an active role in your treatment and recovery with these tips for healthy eating.

14 Spiritual Care for Cancer Survivors
No matter when you find yourself in a challenging situation, you can draw upon spiritual resources to move beyond surviving to living again.

15 Caring for Your Loved One with Lung Cancer
Navigating the lung cancer journey as a caregiver

19 Guide to Lodging Accommodations
For cancer survivors and their families who must travel for medical care, temporary accommodations may be necessary.






20 Easing the Pain of Cancer
How mindfulness can help you manage cancer-related pain

22 Holding on to Hope
Holding on to hope after a cancer diagnosis can be difficult, but many survivors find their hope grows through the experience.

24 Physical Activity and Cancer
After being diagnosed with cancer, exercise can improve one’s heart, lungs, and muscles. Studies show it lowers the risk of recurrence and improves quality of life.

25 Finding Freedom in Forgiveness
A snapshot of the power of forgiveness and the freedom that it can bring

26 The Role of Ritual in Celebration and Healing after Cancer
Finding a way to celebrate when the treatment has ended

27 The Sound of Healing
Music therapy can help cancer survivors heal in a unique way.


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