National Cancer Survivors Day

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January/February 2017   *  Volume 31   *  Issue 1

An independent publication written by and for
the national cancer community

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6 On the Cover: Taboo of The Black Eyed Peas Speaks Out about His Fight with Testicular Cancer
The Grammy-winning rapper discusses fighting cancer and creating an anthem to inspire other cancer survivors.

8 When Cancer Calls into Question Everything You Thought You Knew
What happens when you can no longer rely on the platitudes that once brought you comfort?

9 Surviving Cancer With Music by Your Side
Music has a way of saying things that are difficult to express with words.

12 Integrative Oncology
Bridging the gap between ancient healing and modern medicine

14 What Do I Tell the Kids?
How to talk to your children about cancer

15 Supportive Care for Lung Cancer Survivors
The goal is to maximize comfort, minimize suffering, and ensure the highest quality of life.

20 Get a Handle on Cancer-Related Nausea & Vomiting
Though common, nausea and vomiting are serious side effects of cancer therapy.






22 In Sickness and in Health: Facing Cancer Together as a Couple
These words, at the heart of many a marriage vow, take on an entirely different meaning when cancer enters the relationship.

24 A New Approach to Managing Cancer-Related Pain
With the changing atmosphere surrounding opioid use, experts are recommending new ways to treat cancer pain.

26 Where Can I Go for Cancer Rehabilitation?
Finding rehabilitation services to help improve function and quality of life can be a challenge for many survivors.

27 Write to Heal
Could the simple act of writing alleviate discomfort? Research suggests it can.

28 The Power of Acceptance
“Learning to accept my post-cancer impotence freed me to experience extraordinary intimacy, beyond anything I had even considered possible before cancer knocked on my door.”

30 How to Be a Friend to Someone with Cancer
Friendly tips from a cancer survivor


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