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NFL Legend Jerome Bettis
Gives the Play-by-Play on Managing His Asthma & Severe Food Allergies

As one of the most celebrated players in NFL history, former Pittsburgh Steeler Jerome Bettis knows the importance of staying at the top of his game. For Jerome, whose impressive rushing skills earned him the nickname “The Bus,” keeping in tiptop shape demands more than a healthy diet and exercise routine; he also has to contend with asthma and severe food allergies. But with his asthma under control and his anaphylaxis action plan in place, nothing can stop “The Bus.”

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The Dish on Dining Out with Food Allergies

Aside from the stunning Fog City backdrop against the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco is best known as a foodie haven with great local cuisine. When moving to the Bay Area more than a decade ago, I didn’t take into account the overwhelming presence of seafood in the city. Having a seafood allergy, it took some adjustments to be able to enjoy the beauty and culture and still dodge seafood, which seemed to be everywhere.

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About Coping with Celiac Disease

Celiac Disease
Clearing Up the Allergy Confusion

Celiac disease is not food allergy. Rather, it is a disease of the digestive system that results in damage to the small intestine by interfering with the absorption of nutrients.

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