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Asthma Triggers Articles


What’s Causing Your Asthma?

by Stephen Apaliski, MD

While allergic asthma trig­gers only cause problems for people who are allergic to them, non-allergic triggers can be called equal opportunity offenders. What do I mean by this? When you are allergic, it is like having the key that turns the switch that starts the engine of asthmatic in­flammation. No key (no allergy), no inflammation. With non-allergic triggers (espe­cially the irritants listed below), no key is necessary. The irritant itself pushes a start button that turns the engine on directly. In short, if you have asthma, any of the triggers listed here can harm or affect you. You need not be allergic.

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Putting Your Finger on the Asthma Trigger

If you have asthma, you can minimize your symptoms and improve your quality of life by avoiding your asthma triggers and working with your doctor to develop a treatment plan.

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Staying Active with Asthma

Staying active and exercising has many benefits to your overall health and well-being, but if you have asthma, you may feel the need to limit your activity to avoid symptoms. Understanding your symptoms and how to manage them is the first step to creat­ing an asthma management plan to keep you in the game.

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5 Surprising Summer Allergy & Asthma Triggers

Summer means barbeques, festi­vals, and other outdoor activities, and if you experience allergic reactions to grass pollens, you might be running for cover. However, seasonal allergies can also affect those without pollen sensitivities due to unexpected summer staples, such as certain fruits and vegetables, campfires, and changes in the weather.

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Seven Tips to Successfully Quit Smoking in the New Year

This holiday season, countless Americans will make the New Year’s resolution to quit smoking in 2012. While quitting smoking is extremely difficult—six out of 10 smokers require multiple quit attempts to stop smoking—preparing a quit-smoking plan can greatly improve a person's chance for success. The following are proven tips and resources from the American Lung Association that have helped thousands of people give up smoking for good.

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Have a Sneeze-Free, Wheeze-Free Winter

Spring and fall are not the only seasons that prove troublesome for those with allergies & asthma. Winter weather causes people to spend more time indoors, where a host of household allergens can be found. For people with asthma, cold air and out­door winter activities can worsen asthma symptoms. Fortunately, there are things you can do to have a sneeze-free, wheeze-free winter.

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Fall is Here!

Now that summer has come to an end, it’s time to think about the new school year, fall allergies, and cooler weather. This is also a time when people with asthma may notice a change in their condition. Being prepared for these changes can make a big difference in keeping your or your child’s asthma well controlled.

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Don’t Let Allergies & Asthma Haunt Halloween Fun

Halloween can be a frightful time for parents of kids with allergies & asthma. Nut-filled candy isn’t the only bogeyman that can ruin the fun. Allergy and asthma triggers can hide in other, unexpected places, too, from dusty costumes to leering jack-o’-lanterns.

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