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Asthma Treatment & Management Articles


Exercise-Induced Asthma Can Leave You Breathless

Many people confuse being out of shape with having exercise-induced asthma. Because the symptoms of exercise-induced asthma are similar to poor fitness (shortness of breath and a tight feeling in the chest), it can be difficult to tell the difference between them. The symptoms of exercise-induced asthma may deter people from exercise. However, exercise-induced asthma can be controlled, and you can stay active.

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5 Tips for Scaring Away Spooky Halloween Health Hazards

An unwanted cavity in your child’s sweet tooth isn’t the only health concern that can haunt the Halloween season. Hidden health hazards can be lurking not only in candy but also in costumes, haunted houses, and jack-o-lanterns, especially for little ghosts and goblins who have allergies and asthma. The following is a list of common Halloween health hazards with tips on how to avoid them.

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On Vacation with Allergies & Asthma

If you’re planning a vacation, and you or your child has allergies or asthma, proper planning can help you keep sneezes, sniffles, wheezing, and coughing under control. Use the following tips to make sure that allergy and asthma symptoms don’t derail your vacation fun.

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Beat the Heat!

High humidity mixed with high temperatures and air pollution can make breathing difficult for everyone, espe­cially for people with asthma. Here are some easy-to-follow tips on how to protect your lungs during the dog days of summer.

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Take Action Against Asthma with an Asthma Action Plan

If you have asthma, you and your healthcare provider should develop an asthma action plan that gives specific instructions for early treatment of your asthma symptoms. An asthma action plan is a written, individualized worksheet that shows you the steps to take to prevent your asthma from getting worse. It also provides guidance on when to call your healthcare provider or when to go to the emergency room right away.

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Kick Your Exercise Routine into High Gear

Each spring, many people renew their commitment to eat healthy and lose weight. After all, bathing suit season is right around the corner. But as health regimens kick into high gear, many people might find that instead of feeling good they are feeling worse. And the reason might be due to the one thing that should be helping: exercise.

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Eat Well. Breathe Well.

An important part of a healthy lifestyle is good nutrition. Good nutrition involves choosing healthy foods that can work to heal and repair your body and make it stronger against disease. If you have asthma, eating a healthy diet can help you feel and breathe better.

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Bid Bon Voyage to Allergies & Asthma During Your Winter Vacation

Preparation and prevention pave the way to successful travel for the millions of people who have allergies & asthma. The following tips can help you keep these conditions at bay while you’re on vacation.

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