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Asthma Treatment & Management Articles


Making Your House a Healthy Home

If you’re like most Americans, you spend much of your time indoors. Have you ever stopped to think about whether the air you’re breathing at home is healthy? Research has found that in some homes across America, the quality of indoor air can be worse than outdoor air. In part, this is because many homes are being built and remodeled tighter. You don’t have to be a building scientist to deal with the quality of air in your home; however, you should understand a few basics to get you started.

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Teaching Your Child About Asthma

by Anthony Martinez, BS, and Richard W. Honsinger, MD, MACP, FAAAAI

Your child has just been diagnosed with asthma. Are you ready to explain this complex disease in terms your child can understand? Here are some tips.

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Monitor Your Asthma with a Peak Flow Meter

A peak flow meter is a small, easy-to-use instrument that reveals how well your lungs are working. It does this by measuring your peak expiratory flow, which tells you how fast you can blow out air after a maximum inhalation. You use the peak flow meter to help you identify lung performance patterns, which give you information to prevent asthma episodes and develop your asthma management plan.

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Everyone Breathe™ Launches New Asthma Education Grant Program

Everyone Breathe™ – an educational program geared toward raising awareness of asthma – has launched a new initiative in partnership with the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America aimed at improving the quality of asthma care and asthma education in schools across America.

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Plan a Sneeze-Free, Wheeze-Free Summer Vacation

If you’re planning a vacation, and you or your child has allergies or asthma, proper planning can help you keep sneezes, sniffles, wheezing, and coughing under control. Use the following tips to make sure that allergy and asthma symptoms don’t derail your vacation fun.

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Avoid Allergy & Asthma Triggers as You Shape Up

Summer’s here! And it’s normal to want to get in shape for pool parties and trips to the beach. The decision to exercise is good news for your health. But if you have allergies or asthma, the hidden triggers at the gym may be bad for your condition.

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School Classrooms, Hallways, and Playgrounds to Be New Intervention Points for a Growing Number of Students with Asthma

Teachers and education support professionals are now able to get the information they need to help the growing number of students in America who have childhood asthma. The National Education Association, the NEA Health Information Network, and the Merck Childhood Asthma Network, Inc., have launched a free online training program that will educate members of NEA on how to help students better manage their asthma while at school.

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Putting Your Asthma Action Plan Into Action

An action plan is a written, customized plan to help you take action to manage your asthma. If you know what to watch for and what steps to take, you will be able to make timely and appropriate decisions about managing your condition and keeping your asthma from getting worse.

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