Coping® with Allergies & Asthma Magazine Table of Contents

November 2014 - Februrary 2015
Volume 17 * Issue 4

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3 Cozy Up to an Allergy-Friendly Home
As temperatures drop and you begin spending more time indoors, consider these tips for minimizing allergens in your home.

4 The Most Wonderful Time of the Year? Not if You Spend it Sniffling and Sneezing
How to enjoy the holidays without the allergy and asthma symptoms

6 Everything You Need to Know about Managing Food Allergies at Work

10 Cold, Flu, or Allergy – Do You Know the Difference?
Knowing the cause of your sneezing and sniffling will help you choose the best treatment for what ails you.

11 Get the Facts on Exercise-Induced Asthma
People with exercise-induced asthma are still able to exercise – and should do so regularly.



12 Arm Yourself against Asthma with an Asthma Action Plan
Having a plan in place ensures you know exactly what to do when you experience asthma symptoms.

13 Can’t Concentrate? Your Allergies May Be to Blame
Allergic rhinitis can be associated with cognitive impairment.

14 Your Nose: The Guardian of Your Lungs
Find out why your nose is so important and what you can do to keep it healthy.

17 For Parents of Young Children with Asthma
How to recognize the symptoms and identify the triggers of pediatric asthma

18 Coping with COPD – It’s a Family Affair
While you may be the one with COPD, everyone who loves you is also affected by the illness.


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