Coping® with Allergies & Asthma Magazine Table of Contents

September/October 2014
Volume 17 * Issue 3

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5 On the Cover: Say Hello to Fall … and Goodbye to Allergy & Asthma Symptoms
Advice to help you find relief and enjoy fall to the fullest

6 Do You Know What Makes Your Asthma Worse?
Knowing what causes your asthma symptoms is an important step to controlling your asthma.

8 Fighting Allergy Season with Medications
Here’s a rundown on allergies and how they’re treated.

9 Attention Female Baby Boomers with Asthma
You may need extra help coping with adverse health conditions.

10 Navigating Life with Food Allergies
Living with food allergies may seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Find out how you can make life with food allergies as easy as possible.

11 Much Ado about Mold
If you are diagnosed with a mold allergy, avoiding exposure to the allergen is the best way to manage your symptoms.



12 Tricks, Treats, & Triggers
How to plan safe Halloween fun for kids with allergies and asthma

13 NFL Legend Jerome Bettis Gives the Play-by-Play on Managing His Asthma & Severe Food Allergies
The former Pittsburgh Steeler knows what it takes to stay in the game.

14 What You Should Know about Managing Allergies & Asthma during Pregnancy

15 Wheezing on the Job?
Work-related asthma may be to blame.

17 Send Your Child to School with Confidence
Follow these 10 steps to a safe school year for kids with allergies and asthma.

18 Living Well with COPD
Adhering to treatments and making some lifestyle changes can help you feel better, stay more active, and slow the progression of the disease.


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