Coping® with Allergies & Asthma Magazine Table of Contents

May/June 2014
Volume 17 * Issue 2

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3 Skip the Allergies, Not the Fun
Get relief from your allergy symptoms and enjoy the warm weather.

4 The Dish on Dining Out with Food Allergies
When dining out, people with food allergies must be particularly alert to what’s on their plate.

5 How Asthma and COPD Can Affect Your Sleep
Steps you can take to get a better night’s rest

9 The Rise of Spring Allergies
Find out why this year’s sneezing season may seem like the worst yet.

10 Kids Can Breathe Easy at Asthma Camp
Asthma camps allow children to experience fun outdoor activities in a safe environment.

12 Get to the Bottom of Your Chlorine Sensitivity
So you can get back in the water

13 Tips for Teens: How Can I Deal with My Asthma?
If you don’t want asthma to control your life, take control first.

14 What’s New in Allergy & Asthma Research
Highlights of the 2014 Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology

15 Food for Thought
Mealtime advice for people with asthma

16 Got Allergies, But Still Want Pets?
Learn which breeds may be better options than others.

18 Separating Allergy Fact from Fiction
Here’s the truth about some of the greatest allergy myths and misconceptions.

19 Asthma on the Job
Could your workplace be making you sick?


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